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5 Favorite Family Adventures in Maui

April 15, 2022

Maui is bliss at its best. The Valley Isle, as it is known, is never in short supply of outdoor family activities – whether hiking on the many scenic trails, snorkeling or diving in magical locations, you will never be at a loss for what to do in Maui.

We have lined up five of the best activities in Maui that you can choose to enjoy with your family. While you might not need reasons to visit Hawaii, it may be helpful to know what is available for discriminating travelers on these magnificent islands.

Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Molokini Crater

This volcanic atoll off the south coast of Maui is teeming with ocean life unlike anywhere else on earth. The crater is what remains from an eruption geologists believe happened about 230,000 years ago. The cinder cone was morphed into a crescent atoll. The only way to get to the crater is by boat. You can snorkel, scuba or snuba which is breathing underwater without the constraints of an oxygen tank. We can arrange a private boat to usher you to the island for hours exploring this truly unique underwater gem. There are eight areas within the crater ideal for getting up close with marine life:

  • Tako Flats: A sand channel with coral heads to find octopus and the occasional Manta ray;
  • Middle Reef: Home to many varieties of protected Hawaiian fish and hard corals;
  • Reef’s End: Molokini’s crater sinks into the ocean and continues for about 200 yards. Strong currents are closer to the end;
  • Shark Condos: Deep down at about 130 feet, you’ll find reef sharks taking refuge in cascading caves;
  • Enenue: A gentle slope continuing for 60 feet. Closer to the crater wall, you will find abundant schools of butterfly fish;
  • Flying Sea Cliffs: Scuba divers love the many hanging sleeves sitting at 50 feet and below this is another 80 feet of wall;
  • The Back Side: The entire back side of the crater is for experienced divers who enjoy cliff and wall dives;
  • Edge of the World: Dropping to a depth of 250 feet, this area is in constant shadow, bringing out exotic ocean life.
Snorkeling in Molokini Crater. [Source: squarespace-cdn.com]

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala National Park is known as the “house of the sun.” The most famous part of the park has to be Haleakala Crater, visible from any point on the island of Maui. This dormant volcano sits at more than 10,000 feet above sea level. The crater’s name came from the legend that the demigod Maui lassoed the sun from its journey across the sky as he stood on the volcano’s summit, slowing its descent to make the day last longer. The park is arguably the place on earth from which to watch the sunrise. In fact, Mark Twain said it was “the most sublime spectacle I have ever witnessed.” The park is full of hiking trails offering solitude and scenic vistas. Guided hikes and horseback rides provide an intimate glimpse into the park’s magical, natural beauty.

An unspeakably magical sunrise at Haleakala National Park. [Source: travelffeine.com]

Niihau, the Forbidden Island

For a fascinating excursion most vacationers never get to experience, take a tour of Niihau, the island travelers aren’t normally allowed to visit. Niihau was purchased from King Kamehameha in 1864 and up to 1987, visits to the island were typically restricted to the owners and their guests, or government officials. However, the owners now offer half-day helicopter tours and safaris. Tours have been successful for the owners since prior to this, there was no way for anyone to see or visit the Forbidden Island. Visitors cannot interact with the locals who live here and their village is off limits. You can spend three hours swimming, snorkeling, searching for shells, and are treated to lunch. The island is also home to as many as 80 of the remaining 150 endangered Hawaiian monk seals that still come close to the main islands giving you and your family something else worth seeing. It is thought there are no more than 1,100 of these seals left, so the ones that come to shore are a treat to see.

Landing on Niihau, the Forbidden Island, which has become a popular place for elite travelers to visit. [Source: cheatsheet.com]

Pipiwai Trail

The Pipiwai Trail is one of the island's most popular hikes and should be on every hiker’s Maui itinerary. This jaw-droppingly beautiful hike is suitable for the whole family. The Pipiwai Trail makes the perfect hike because of all the amazing layers and sections of the trail. Sights just keep getting better, just when hikers think they have seen the highlights of the trail, the next scene steals the show. The hike is about four miles out and back and is of moderate difficulty. This hike has been called the best waterfall hike in Maui. It’s also home to a very unique bamboo forest that feels like you are entering a cave.

Children will love exploring the natural environment on Maui’s Pipiwai Trail. [Source: ateamfamilyadventures.com]

With all the things to see and do on Maui and its inherent natural beauty, you may decide to spend some extended time here. The place you call home must be one of privacy and luxury and Villa Beatrice is, without a doubt, one of the most elite Maui luxury homes. This stunning ocean view estate is perched on some of Maui's most exceptional terrain, overlooking the coveted Wailea coastline. The home is the epitome of tranquility and serenity and just a few steps from the famed Keawakapu beach yet is completely hidden away from beachgoers.

Atlantis Submarine Dive

Dive 100 feet below the surface and experience Maui’s marine mysteries. Atlantis Submarines Maui offers a mesmerizing undersea adventure. Featuring the most technologically advanced vessels of its kind, this authentic submarine can carry up to 48 passengers to depths of 100 feet and beyond. Atlantis was featured in National Geographic television specials. You will feel like you can reach out and touch natural coral reefs, fish, and other marine life in air-conditioned comfort and safety. You can also pair up your Atlantis adventure with a thrilling snorkel excursion off the shores of Lanai!

A trip on the Atlantis Submarine is one the entire family will be able to get on board with. [Source: pinimg.com]

Whatever your preferences are, LVH can fashion the perfect itinerary for you and your family while in Maui. The list is endless: outdoor adventures, cultural events, luaus – we are limited only by your imagination. We invite you to reach out to one of our experienced client relations team members who will begin planning the most amazing time in Maui for you. Not only will you be staying in the most luxurious accommodations with full services and 24/7 support, but you will be making heart-warming memories that will last forever.

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