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6 Exclusive Must-Have Gadgets

August 05, 2022

There are a number of unique products on the market which would be great to have in your collection – just because they’re pretty cool and because who wouldn’t appreciate having some bragging rights owning these exclusive gadgets? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill products like the latest cell phone on the market – these are high fliers in the world of gadgetry and technology.

We have scoped out and highlighted some of these products for you, just in case you might want to have them for yourself!

Updating Your Home Theater

Many people relish the time spent at home with loved ones cuddled up and watching the latest flicks in their own, familiar and comfortable spaces. LG’s Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display gives you the experience of being in a movie theater without having to leave your space. The picture is clear and vibrant due to the picture being created directly by LEDs. You have the choice of 81 inches on the low end, to a massive 325 inches. You can expect your new outfit to cost anywhere between US$70,000 and US$1.7 million depending on the size and resolution you’re looking for.

Take your home theater experience to a whole new level. [Source:]

Fly Above the Water in Your Personal Hovercraft

Hovercrafts are among the coolest tech toys of all. The Flying Hovercraft, from Hammacher Schlemmer, easily glides over land and water and soars in the air up to 70 mph with the help of integrated wings. It can easily take on sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice and snow. It’s easy to navigate with a joystick control and supports a payload of up to 600 pounds for flights. You can grab one of these for US$190,000.

Want a unique way of getting around? Try the Flying Hovercraft. [Source:]

Paradise Found

The ideal place to play with a hovercraft is a gorgeous water destination and St. Barth or Casa de Campo certainly fill the bill. One of the most amazing St. Barths luxury villas is Villa Wake Up with its dazzling stretches of coastline and picture-perfect positioning right on the beach. Its six well-appointed bedrooms can accommodate up to 12 guests. Also to be enjoyed are outdoor and indoor hot tubs, outdoor heated pool, sauna, massage room, hammam, gym, cinema room and more. If one of the world’s most exclusive retreats is your choice, then Villa Almira may be to your liking. This private vacation retreat can also accommodate up to 12 guests. It, too, is replete with first-class amenities such as a heated pool, hot tub and bar, not to mention a breathtaking water view.

Stunning Villa Wake Up in St. Barths.
The clean, contemporary lines of Villa Almira in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, are sure to please.

Futuristic Game of Pool

If you really want to impress your pool-playing friends, you will be sure to do it with the interactive Obscura CueLight from Obscura Digital which can turn any pool table into a technological marvel. Overhead projectors and sensors read any table activity and project interactive visuals for shots. You can choose from fire trails to rippling water, among others. These respond to the movements of shots made on the table. It certainly gives a game of pool new depth. The system retails for about US$12,500.

Kick a game of pool up a notch or two with Obscura CueLight.

An Amphibious Vehicle

The Panther water car – or amphibious car – is offered in two models: Turnkey Minus and Complete Custom. Depending upon where you’re located, you might have to register your new toy as both a car and a boat. Once in your hands, going from the road to water is pretty seamless and simply involves pulling a knob, turning on the propulsion jet and pressing a button to raise the wheels. You just reverse the process to get back onto dry land. The amphibious car retails from between US$158,000 and US$198,000, depending on added features you choose.

Have a blast in your own water car. [Source:]

A Window into the Universe

If you marvel at the night sky and wonder what is indeed lurking in universes upon universes, having the Meade 16-inch LX600 ACF F/8 telescope with Starlock set up to view the Milky Way, is as good as viewing some observatory photos. The simple to operate telescope makes taking great Astrophotos as easy as focusing your camera and opening the shutter. The optical system and integrated collection of features and technology found in Meade's LX-600 is unparalleled. The LX600 integrates a unique star tracking and object finding system into the telescope mount and the automated optical tracking system delivers long-exposure guiding with pinpoint stars on images despite misalignments, atmospheric refraction, periodic or other mechanical errors. This beauty retails for US$20,000.

Capture ethereal astro photos with the Meade LX600 telescope.

Still a Concept, But …

Cadillac’s new concept of self-driving vehicle is luxury personified. Looking like it stepped out of the Jetson’s the Inner Space concept electric vehicle looks like a true space roamer. Inside, it’s pretty impressive too. Two passengers can relax on a cushy loveseat while enjoying the ride watching a movie on a wide-screen television. There’s a built-in ottoman for slippers and a blanket. What you won’t find are any manual controls. The car was designed to give potential future owners more personal time. There’s no price tag yet.

Self-driving vehicles will be here soon and you might be interested in the Inner Space car from Cadillac.

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