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A Guide to a Luxurious Escape in Cape Town

June 02, 2023

A lot of travelers say that Cape Town is the world’s most naturally beautiful city. Ever wonder why? Plan your luxurious escape now.

Cape Town, South Africa is a known haven for travellers seeking a luxurious holiday in the company of sweeping landscape and bountiful nature. From the sea, to the mountains, to the city itself, there's a lot of thrilling activities to do and amazing places to see for all types of travellers. One thing that elevates Cape Town compared to other destinations, is the spectacular set of luxurious activities that are available in the city voted as the "best place in the world to visit" by the New York Times.

To help you plan a memorable vacation, here is a short guide to luxurious escapes in Cape Town.

Stay in a Luxurious Villa

The first step in planning a luxury vacation is to choose a place to stay that abounds with extravagance and a sophisticated space that will serve as your home-away-from-home while in Cape Town. Most high-end travelers select their accommodation from LVH Global’s list of luxurious properties for rent in Cape Town. Each of these villas comes with all the indulgence one will desire such as a spacious pool, entertaining spaces, cool architecture, a balcony overlooking Cape Town and more.

Fly in a Hot-Air Balloon over the city

Experience Cape Town in a unique way by seeing it from above. Yes, you can fly over the city aboard a Hot-air balloon. Not only brimming with excitement, this activity also screams of a romantic setting as you hover above and regale at the amazing scenery of Cape Town while enjoying a bottle of wine. The best time to take a hot-air balloon ride is every afternoon just before sunset, so you will see the jaw-dropping landscape of Cape Town slowly change color to golden hues as the glowing sun starts to disappear in the horizon. You can also enjoy the stunning view of the Table Mountain from a very exceptional perspective.

Buckle up for a Helicopter Tour

If you want a faster fly-by and to cover more ground than a hot-air balloon, then your next activity should involve buckling up for an exhilarating ride on a Helicopter. "Heli-Harley Tours"—as they call it in Cape Town—is a chartered helicopter flight that will take you over the city and unto the ridges of the surrounding mountains. Therefore, this ride will give you an aerial view not only of the city, but also of the splendid nature around Cape Town.

Set out on a Safari

Never go out of the African continent without experiencing a safari tour. Lucky you, Cape Town is located near a premier safari destination in Aquila. A 2-3-hour drive from Cape Town will take you to this wildlife spot teeming with animals belonging to the so-called "Big 5", which are: lions, elephants, cape buffalos, and the rhinoceros. A safari tour covers everything you will need from safari vehicle, buffet breakfast and lunch, unlimited drinks, hotel pick-ups and most of all, a lesson in wildlife preservation.

Pamper yourself at a high-end Spa

Cape Town boasts of several luxurious Spa establishments that provide delightful pampering to your tired body. From Thai massage, to Western treatment methods, there is always a specific treatment method that will provide you with a rejuvenated self and a stress-free mentality throughout the rest of your Cape Town holiday.

Cruise on a Chartered Luxury Yacht

Explore the surrounding waters of Cape Town in style and unmatched luxury by chartering a yacht, and take off to Table Bay for a sunrise or sunset cruise. Soak the experience with a feast of fresh seafood and glasses of champagne on the deck of the yacht. Play music and dance against the incredible setting of Cape Town. Other activities while aboard a yacht includes diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing and swimming on the waters.

Go on a shopping spree

Lastly, never leave Cape Town without indulging in a shopping spree to take home some South African arts and crafts and other items - unique only to South Africa. Cape Town is dotted with shops selling some of the most exclusive items in the world, as well as well-known designer brands.

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