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All You Need to Know About Sardinia

March 01, 2023

Famous for sublime biking, its raw and rhustic charm, welcoming and authentic culture, and incredible wine, Sardinia is the place to be for people who want to see a deeper side of Italy.

An Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia boasts of a lengthy coastline measuring 2,000 kilometers and a total land area of 24,000 square kilometers. It is surrounded by white sandy beaches and a rugged mountain range steeped with picturesque hiking trails. Dotting the magnificent inland landscape of Sardinia, are thousands of "Nuraghi"—a perplexing series of Bronze Age stone ruins that are crafted like the shapes of beehives. These ancient ruins are said to date back to 1,500 B.C.

These alone are enough for any traveler to plan a trip to Sardinia. But wait, there’s more fascinating things to learn about Sardinia Island. To help you plan a luxurious getaway to this Italian Kingdom, here are all you need to know about traveling to Sardinia.

Sardinian Food is one of the best in the world

Ravioli with cuttlefish ink, stuffed with shrimp and accompanied by clams (Image Courtesy:

Since there are many farms on the island, Sardinian food is characterized by the fresh farm produce and those from the surrounding bounteous water of the ocean. Try eating handmade pasta, seafood and vegetable dishes oozing with authentic Sardinian taste. Dig deeper into Sardinia's gastronomic scene by visiting these agricultural towns of Oliena, Ovodda, Nuoro, Mamoiada and Orgosolo. Also, if someone offered you a rotten cheese, please do not take it as an insult. It is in fact, a local delicacy on the island.

You can stay in Luxurious Villas in Sardinia

Villa The Rock in Sardinia 

Villa The Rock is a magnificent hillside property perched a stone's throw from the famed town square and marina of Porto Cervo. An architectural masterwork, The Rock presents one of the region's most extravagant paradise retreats. Verdant Sardinian flora, Multilevel gardens, terraces, and pools embrace the home's organic sculptural facade, positing a bold vision of living, breathing eco-luxury.

Drop the plans on staying in small hotel rooms or an Airbnb place in the middle of nowhere because in Sardinia, you can vacation in style by staying in a lavish and secluded villa. LVH Global rents out numerous private villas dotted all over the island and blessed with a wonderful beachfront view. With options ranging from 3-bedroom to 10-bedroom private homes, it all comes with expansive space, outdoor swimming pools and a sweeping view of the ocean.

Check out our properties in Sardinia here.

Festivals are big part of local living

Festa di sant'Efisio (Photo Courtesy:

What’s an island without parties and revelries? Well, in Sardinia—the locals take it a notch higher—there is a festival happening every month. Each village celebrates its own religious festival, with several even lasting for several days. Traveling to Sardinia in any random day of the year, will probably coincide with a local festival. If this happens, just savor the festive atmosphere and the local food—as the locals of Sardinia always look forward to partying with tourists.

Sardinia has its own language

Despite being a part of Italy, locals here speak a distinct language listed as an official minority language by the European Union. Also called "Sardinia", the island locals speaking this language have their own dialects based on the village they are residing. So, expect to encounter residents from the South of Sardinia having a little difficulty understanding the ones living in North Sardinia. Any way you look at it, this make the island even more interesting.

Sardinia's old villages are quite a charm

Exploring Sardinia's little towns is like going back in time as many villages still possess an olden vibe thanks to the many still existing centuries-old traditions and heritage houses. So, if you're not walking over the fine white sandy beaches of Sardinia, a walk through one of its many villages is also one pleasant and enjoyable activity.

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