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Be a Shooting Star: Instagrammable Spots in Corfu and Marbella

July 22, 2022

Taking magical photos ensures marvelous memories

Idyllic Corfu and magical Marbella – two places on the planet where you can grab your camera or your phone’s camera and snap the most incredible photos – magazine-worthy pics soaked in vibrant colors, mystery and magnificence.

The beautiful terrain of Corfu runs deep. This mythical Greek island is steeped in history and elite travelers continue to be seduced by its allure. Corfu is awash in breathtaking landscapes -- strings of ochre-colored facades, iron balconies and churches with red roofs bear witness to four centuries of Venetian domination on the island.

Marbella is the diamond of Spain’s coast. It is opulence personified with its pristine shores and the dramatic backdrop of the Sierra Blanca. This Garden of Eden enjoys 320 days of sunshine a year making the prettiest Pueblo Blanca (white villages) shine even more brightly.

One of the best souvenirs of a memorable trip are the photos you take. They can chronicle your adventures better than anything else and there is the pride that comes with snapping a spectacular shot yourself. With that, we are providing you with the most ideal spots in Corfu and Marbella to take incredible photos – mementos you will be able to look at fondly from the time you spent in these charming places.

Instagrammable Corfu

Abandoned Stone Houses, Old Perithia

Travel high into the hills on the north slope of Mount Pantokrator for a real glimpse into the past at Old Perithia. This medieval ghost town dates back to the 1400s but has been uninhabited since the 1960s. Today, you can wander its cobbled streets and rustic stone Travel high into the hills on the north slope of Mount Pantokrator for a real glimpse into the past at Old Perithia. This medieval ghost town dates back to the 1400s but has been uninhabited since the 1960s. Today, you can wander its cobbled streets and rustic stone houses. When you get hungry, there are a handful of tavernas worth visiting in the main village square.

Climb to the summit of Old Perithia to capture some amazing shots.

Cape Drastis

Cape Drastis is in the northern part of the island at the village of Perulades. This glorious place is embraced by a lot of tiny islands and beaches. Its beautiful shores are uncrowded, and conducive to a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Photos you take here will surely be among the most memorable. Go just before sunset and the lighting will create an ethereal ambiance. This photo is definitely one you will want to hang in your home.

This photo you snap here will not only be Instagram-worthy, but also worthy of a place on your wall. 

Ultima Corfu Elegance

Ultima Corfu is an awe-inspiring seafront estate lauded for otherworldly views, sublime quietude, and luxurious design and the ideal place to stay during your luxury getaway. A full-service spa and wellness center is outfitted with an impressive mosaic-tiled hammam, infinity swimming pools, and a treatment and fitness room. This haven of rejuvenation and relaxation is perfected in epicurean zeal. Exteriors are nothing short of sublime, with ample alfresco spots, and a dazzling bar beckoning lavish nocturnal entertaining. A glamorous glass lift connects the estate to the waterfront terrace and private dock. A waterfall feature conjoins the ocean-facing multi-level infinity pools. Ultima Corfu can welcome up to 12 guests.

The astonishing location of Ultima Corfu.

Old Venetian Fortress

The fortress is on the eastern side of the town of Corfu, on a rocky peninsula jutting into the sea. It was built on an artificial islet embraced by fortifications. When you visit, you’ll find several British structures, like the Church of St. George, built in the place of original Venetian buildings. If you go when the sun is rising or setting, you’ll capture the most stunning photos imaginable.

The Old Venetian Fortress during the rising of the sun.

Vlacherna Monastery

This 17th century monastery is on an islet at the end of a narrow jetty off the southern end of the Kanoni Peninsula. The bright white architecture of the monastery marries charmingly with the azure, crystalline sea. This spectacular scenery needs to be seen to be believed and captured as a photo to be forever remembered.

[Vlacherna Monastery just might be the prettiest monastery in the world.

Achilleion Palace

The Empress of Austria Elizabeth of Bavaria built this palace as a summer escape of Sisi. The Neoclassical structure was designed by Italian architect Raffaele Caritto. Greek statues surround this impressive building. Consider touring the gardens filled with palm trees, balustrades, a colonnade, fountains, and Herter's statues. There are a myriad of photo ops at this elegant palace.

Snap away at Achilleion Palace. You’re sure to get amazing photos.

Instagrammable Marbella

Caminito del Rey Trail

If heights take your breath away in a good way, you might want to include a hike to the Caminito del Rey. Once touted as the world’s scariest hike, it has been completely renovated as a very safe, but still thrilling way to experience the spectacular El Chorro gorge from more than 325 feet in the air, so get your camera ready. There is a combination of gentle hiking through stunning scenery and vertiginous sections of boardwalks, with an amazing suspension bridge spanning the gorge. The route is nearly five miles and is fairly flat, so hiking the trail normally takes about two-and-a-half hours.

When heights aren’t an issue, your camera will love the Caminito del Rey Trail. [Source:]

Puerto Banús

Puerto Banús is one of the oldest and most luxurious marinas on the Andalusian coast. Whether visiting by day or by night, you’ll enjoy shopping at its fashionable boutiques, having a beverage in one of its many bars, eating in its restaurants and admiring spectacular yachts and luxury cars. Every summer, Puerto Banús celebrates artisans. In the Plaza de Antonio Banderas, an international crafts market takes place in June, July and August. This is a terrific chance to buy all kinds of objects crafted by artisans from different countries such as Morocco, India and Turkey, among others and get snaps of all kinds of interesting things.

Puerto Banús is the ideal place to get some great high-end shots.

Dali Sculpture Park

A number of Salvador Dali sculptures can be found on the beautiful Avenida del Mar, next to Plaza de la Alameda. You might want to photograph each of these beauties! The first statue is of the Greek mythological hero Perseus beheading Medusa. The second, Gala Gradiva, was Dali's pet name for his wife. The third, Mercurio, depicts the Roman god Mercury, while the fourth statue, Trajano a Caballo, is the Roman Emperor Trajan on a horse. The fifth is of Dali's wife looking through a window.

Have your camera ready at the Dali Sculpture Park, which is relatively unknown by most tourists. Shown here is Salvador Dali’s sculpture of Perseus beheading Medusa. [Source:]

The Romance of Villa Mary

This palatial beachfront residence is a few barefoot steps away from some of Marbella's most exemplary shorelines. Villa Mary is one of the most beautiful of Marbella luxury villas and a true testament to sophistication and style. Ten glorious bedrooms can accommodate up to 20 guests. With 30,000 square feet of prime living space, this residence pushes the boundaries of luxury beachfront living. Gorgeous exteriors teem with lush foliage and manicured lawns. Enjoy fantastic al fresco dining experiences before picture-perfect sunsets every evening, engrossed in fine conversation and fragrant Mediterranean flora. A focal swimming pool and adjacent hot tub dominate the backyard.

Marbella’s marvelous Villa Mary.

Bonsai Museum

This quaint museum has the largest collection of wild olive trees in the world. The splendid Bonsai trees include specimens like the hackberry from China, a 300-year-old olive tree, and a 400-year-old juniper, among others. The museum is said to have the best collection of Bonsai trees in Europe. The main area has a selection of 30 trees spaced out on columns and plinths. A second indoor selection includes very large ficus olive trees between 300-500 years old, while an outside area is replete with a wide variety of natural growth.

You can get a little creative with your photos at the Bonsai Museum. [Source:]

Sierra Blanca Mountains

Rising up behind Marbella’s northern suburbs, a few kilometers from the city center, are the rugged and beautiful Sierra Blanca Mountains. There is plenty of trekking to be enjoyed here and, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can summit La Concha Mountain (the top of which resembles an open shell); at 1,125 meters, its peak offers stunning views out over the city toward Africa’s northern coast. Go at sunset for a surreal shot.

The summit of La Concha Mountain. No explanation needed for the photos you can take from here! [Source:]

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