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Building Castles in the Sand on Kauai’s 7 Best Beaches

June 14, 2022

If stunning, glistening white beaches, tepid waters and landscapes looking like an interpretation of the Garden of Eden are always part of your vacation destination list; Kauai, Hawaii should certainly make it onto that list. If you are on the hunt for a more secluded vacation, Kauai may be the Hawaiian island for you. With more coastline than any other Hawaiian island, there are tons of hidden beaches to explore. Here are seven of the best.

Tunnels Beach

One of the best places for snorkeling on Kauai – especially during the summer months when the ocean is calmest – is Tunnels Beach. Running two miles long, this North Shore beach is famous for its huge half-moon-shaped reef just 1/8-mile offshore. Deep-water caverns close to shore also make for a spectacular diving site, while swimmers and families with young children can enjoy the shallower, calmer areas of the beach. Tunnels Beach is also one of the best spots to watch a glorious Hawaiian sunset.

Pristine and pretty Tunnels Beach is a wonderful area for families. There is great snorkeling, too, just offshore.

Poipu Beach

This South Shore beach truly offers something for everyone. Lauded America’s Best Beach by The Travel Channel, Poipu Beach is naturally split into two smaller bays by a sand bar – usually the napping spot of a Hawaiian monk seal. To the west of the sand bar is Baby Beach, a protected cove ideal for young children. The eastern section is a beachgoer’s paradise with a myriad of activities to keep you busy – from swimming and snorkeling to boogie boarding and surfing.

Coconut palm trees line Poipu Beach, a popular coast for its gold-colored sand with many available water activities.

Hanalei Bay

On Kauai’s North Shore, Hanalei Bay is a beach unlike any other. With more than two miles of soft white sand and set among a backdrop of majestic mountains, Hanalei offers a true paradise. Experienced surfers have the luxury of large waves, while beginners are treated to smaller swells lapping closer to the reef. During the summer, the bay is calm, turning into a virtual wonderland for swimmers and standup paddle boarders. This beach is never crowded, offering plenty of room for children and families to play. The pier is an added bonus.

There is always something to do at Hanalei Bay.

Stunning Resort Residence

The exquisite Kaiholo Residence 3203 is situated in the exclusive Timbers Resort Hokuala on the sublime south shore of Kauai – ideal for family holidays. With breathtaking ocean and golf course views, this home is contemporary and spacious. Three lovely bedrooms provide accommodations for six guests. You and your family will relish time spent around the outdoor infinity pool and remember special moments roasting marshmallows around the fire pit after having had a delicious meal prepared on the BBQ.

The contemporary luxury of Kaiholo Residence 3203.

Glass Beach

This is a special spot for your family to do some beachcombing. If you or your little ones love gems, you will enjoy sifting through the kaleidoscope of sea glass that washes up on shore. Years ago, the area was a popular dumping ground for all sorts of junk, from cars to glass bottles. However, over time the sea has transformed all the broken shards of glass into gorgeous smooth pebbles in a multitude of colors covering the shoreline. Also, if you carefully venture to the southern end of the beach to the lava beds, you will be rewarded with ocean-formed sculptures which morphed into their own creatures as they fused with the rocks.

Children are likely to love searching for “treasures” at Glass Beach.

Anini Beach

This popular beach with very calm waters protected by a long reef, is the safest for swimming on the North Shore all year. That plus plenty of shade, facilities and amenities makes this a lovely spot for families looking for a day in the sun. The vast reef means plenty of delightful snorkeling opportunities. Chances are you may spot the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Hawaii’s state fish) among their tropical buddies. However, be careful when wading in since there is some sharp coral and rock.

The calm waters of Anini Beach.

Lydgate Beach

Near the mouth of Wailua River, Lydgate Beach just might claim the prize for best family beach in Kauai. The biggest draws are the two boulder-protected lagoons at the northern end. One for adults, and one for children, the calm waters within are great for swimming. While enclosed from the elements, crevices allow a variety of marine life to move through, making for lovely, calm snorkeling. There is even a helpful sign for you to identify the different reef fish you may encounter.

The sunset at Lydgate Beach lights up the sky!

Salt Pond Beach Park

Salt Pond Beach Park is one of our top picks for family beaches. Salt Pond is the kind of place where children and parents can relax without a lot of fuss and with plenty to do to make the day fly by. Even those without children will appreciate Salt Pond’s long stretch of white sand beach and calm, gentle water to soak up the Hawaiian sun. Locals describe the different swimming areas at Salt Pond in three ways:

  • The main bay;
  • The baby pond; and
  • The airport side.

The main bay is protected by an underwater reef that stretches across the opening of the bay to serve as a natural breakwater for waves and currents. The main bay tends to be deeper and is great for swimming laps. The baby pond is to the right of the main bay, where a large natural reef formation created a calm and shallow pond area, making it easy for the little ones to run and play. The airport side of the beach park is to the left, next to the airport landing strip. This airport side has a pond area that is also very calm and the best spot for snorkeling.

Soak up some sun and serenity at Salt Pond Beach Park.

There is no doubt Kauai offers some wonderful beaches to bury your toes in the sand. No matter where you would like to travel, LVH will take care of every vacation detail. We strive to make your getaway everything you ever expected it would be and more. That entails doing those things that give you the most joy – like whiling away the time at some fantastic beaches. We invite you to contact one of our experienced client relations team members who will get planning underway for your thrilling Hawaii vacation. Share your holiday dreams with LVH and let us get to work making them come true!

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