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Exclusive Interview: The Architects Behind Casa Loro

June 16, 2023

An experience in and of itself, this stunning Panama home allows you to convene with nature while still indulging in the comforts and luxuries of high-end living.

LVH is proud to have recently interviewed the intrepid architects of Casa Loro, an extraordinary home exclusive to our platform, where we delve into the profound essence and exceptional features of this awe-inspiring property and surrounding nature reserve.

Picture the breathtaking sight of massive whales leaping out of the ocean's depths as a mesmerizing flock of birds gracefully morphs across the canvas of the ever-changing Panamanian sky. Then imagine the resounding rush of the ocean’s crashing waves—a fitting soundtrack to this mesmerizing scene.

While this idyllic imagery could have well been read straight out of literature by Henry David Thoreau, it’s a familiar one at Casa Loro, an exquisite luxury residence nestled within a vast 64-hectare wilderness reserve along Panama’s Pacific coast.

Casa Loro is a home beholden by nature.

When architects Kristin and Ivan Morales began to envision this modern home, they did so under the mandate that they would incorporate as much of the environment into the architecture as possible. An indoor-outdoor concept, they worked around building a modern luxury “treehouse” reimagined as a series of pavilions scattered across the property, each designed to fully embrace and draw attention to its natural surroundings—both its pristine beauty and untamed ferocity.

Discreetly styled pavilions are organized around the main home, a modern structure with glass facades meant to reflect the outdoors. “We looked at the site from all aspects: the topography, wind direction, the sun’s orientation, the seasons, and of course, the ocean," Kristin tells LVH. “There was an overall effort for the house to pay respect to the ocean. We did a lot of scoping of the topography for the main house to reveal more of the ocean so that you have that outdoor connection from the living room. From there, you can see whales jumping and birds flying by, and during a rainstorm, the scene of a waterfall coming at you is exhilarating—very dramatic.”

Perched right on the cliff's edge sits Casa Loro’s main guest pavilion, where you’re lulled to sleep by the sounds of the ocean.

A Natural Paradise

Decidedly minimalist, rustic, and modern, the home’s interiors carry a subdued palette that takes cues from the colors and textures found in its surroundings. To capture these hues, Ivan and Kristin would explore the forests and walk the sandy beaches of Playa Puerto Escondido—just a stone’s throw away from Casa Loro—where they can find beautiful shells, rocks, and corals whose shades and surfaces they incorporate into the home.

Except for a few pieces, all the furniture in the property was crafted onsite by local builders using teak wood harvested from a nearby forest. As part of a reforestation program that’s been running for over two decades, more than 100,000 trees have been planted in this forest, and dozens of wildlife re-introduced, including 11 of Panama’s endangered species.

Apart from teak, which is believed to be a sustainable and durable material in the area, another renewable material used in Casa Loro—notably in its cantilever roof—is bamboo. “We want to be practical and sustainable. We plant thousands of native teak trees in the reserve," Ivan adds. "We also aim to bring back to this wonderful community. And the fact that they have returned to their communities and used bamboo in their projects makes us proud of our work here. Ultimately, we want to leave the place better than how we first found it.”

An Intrepid Traveler’s Dream

The pursuit of adventure in uncharted, wild places and the need for modern, luxurious amenities can often seem at odds. However, Casa Loro was designed precisely to reconcile these two seemingly disparate desires with the added benefit of providing unmatched privacy.

“Casa Loro was planned based on that lifestyle,” Ivan explains. “It was built for those who want to be in a place where not many people have gone or will ever go. Secondly, they want their privacy—they’re done with the crowded touristy places and experiences where you travel with big groups, often strangers.”

Meticulous planning went into designing this beautiful retreat, with the intent to create a space where its guests feel one with the elements but, at the same time, protected from them. “You have this amazing view to enjoy, and the home’s architecture has these parallel walls that shield you from nature, which while beautiful is also very unpredictable,” Kristin tells us. “The design of Casa Loro is also such that it allows cross ventilation to come through so at any given time, there's always a gentle breeze coming through, making it comfortable and keeping the bugs common in tropical areas away."

The natural surroundings that envelop Casa Loro and effortlessly seep into its elegant pavilions make staying there an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Step outside and take a four-hour hike into the forest reserve, where you’re accompanied only by its lush growth, animals, and your thoughts. Or sit at the infinity pool's edge and soak in the majestic view where the ocean and skies seem to meet. Then step back inside and feel the texture of Casa Loro's beautiful teak floors beneath you and take a moment to appreciate the furniture's beautiful woodwork carved by local artisans. Then, indulge in savory Enyucados or perhaps a hearty bowl of Sancocho, proudly prepared and served by your Panamanian staff.

You look out at Casa Loro’s dramatic vistas and enchanting grounds and wonder if your next destination can top this one.

Interested in spending an enchanting respite in a modern treasure while exploring and reveling in nature’s splendour? LVH’s Exclusive Casa Loro Panamanian experience is waiting for you. Connect with an LVH Client Relations Manager today to explore your personalized stay.

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