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Chic Sands: Luxury Beachwear Shopping in Saint Tropez

June 21, 2024

Make your way to the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera and Saint Tropez. A haven for fashionistas seeking the latest summer trends and styles. As the sun casts its warmth over this idyllic coastal town, its seductive streets become a magnet for those in pursuit of the latest designs and timeless French elegance. Saint Tropez offers a carefully curated array of designer garments, resort wear, and accessories, capturing the essence of coastal fashion. If you are particularly fond of cruise collections from renowned fashion houses like Chanel and Dior, you’ll be able to browse their Saint Tropez boutiques for the latest cruise creations.


Achieving the ideal blend of relaxed sophistication and dazzling allure while dressing for Saint Tropez's exclusive beach clubs can pose quite a dilemma. If you want to embrace the boho-chic aesthetic of Saint Tropez, consider incorporating luxurious textiles and classic designs that will exude a sense of laid-back, free-spirited charm and confidence. 

Women's Fashion Inspiration

Looking to exude classic French elegance with a touch of bohemian flair? Here’s your guide:

  • Tops: Opt for a delicate camisole or a loose blouse to keep things sophisticated and airy.
  • Bottoms: Pair your top with an elegant kaftan or a midi skirt for a chic, polished look.
  • Materials: Choose flowing materials like silk or chiffon to enhance the ensemble's graceful movement.
  • Bottom Line: An outfit that embodies timeless French sophistication.

Men’s Fashion Inspiration

Create a radiant, casual, and confident look with these stylish essentials:

  • Tops: Choose a lightweight shirt available in an array of subtle shades and prints.
  • Bottoms: Pair it with tailored shorts or trousers for a refined yet relaxed vibe.
  • Materials: Opt for natural fabrics like linen, silk, and organic cotton to enhance comfort and breathability.
  • Bottom Line: Achieve a look that embodies effortless elegance with a hint of sophistication.

Labels: Consider designs from Chloé, Missoni, Emilio Pucci, and Zimmermann, known for their beautifully crafted, bohemian-inspired collections.


The palm-tree-lined streets of Saint Tropez are lined with stores that await your exploration. 

Rue François Sibilli stands out as Cote d'Azur's most prominent fashion hub, with the most renowned names in fashion, like Boutique Chanel St Tropez, Jacquemus, Rondini, and many others. These stores offer their exclusive clientele all the latest designs and a private shopping experience.

Boutique Chanel St-Tropez

Journey to the La Mistralée villa in Saint-Tropez, which houses the seasonal CHANEL boutique. The interior of the villa blends the brand's signature aesthetics seamlessly into its warm Mediterranean ambiance. On the inside, this holiday-home-like boutique features beige tones highlighting pinky-beige walls with touches of black and white, evoking Gabrielle Chanel's signature colors. The vestibule showcases accessories on a Goossens table beside a wing chair, while the double salon features a fawn velvet banquette reminiscent of Chanel's own sofa. Alcoves displays the latest beachwear designs and accessories from the brand’s latest collections. On the outside, the veranda, veiled in white curtains, offers a bright yet intimate space with glass clothing rails showcasing the season's ”it bags." The garden, adorned with bougainvillea and wrought iron furniture, invites you to take a second to relax from browsing the shelves and to take in the cool summer breeze. Nearby, a salon in white linen allows clients to try on shoes displayed in the pool house, mirroring the villa's Mediterranea aesthetic.

Place de la Croix de Fer, 83990, Saint-Tropez

The Pop House of Chanel in Saint Tropez

Dior Boutique

Dior Des Lices stands as a pinnacle of fashion excellence, transforming St-Tropez into a vibrant fashion hub. Adjacent to the Michelin-star-decorated restaurant lies the exclusive Dior bouteique, where luxury dining meets fashion in an exquisite blend of style and sophistication. Discover the latest cruise collections from Dior, showcasing timeless elegance and nautical designs that embody the essence of the Mediterranean region. From glamorous evening gowns, bags, and beach hats adorned in the staple Toile De Jouy print to chic beach accessories, immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled luxury curated for the discerning connoisseur.

13 Rue François Sibilli

Dior [Source:]


Jacquemus is embracing the South of France's summer, with Simon Porte Jacquemus bringing his signature beach vibes and summer stripes to the Mediterranean coast via the "Les Rayures" collection. Alongside a new pop-up boutique, Jacquemus has revamped the popular "La Renaissance" café and brasserie near Place des Lices, adorning it with his iconic yellow-striped design on the chairs and extending green stripes to umbrellas and sun beds at Indie Beach Club. The brasserie now features a refreshed menu by chefs Ella Affalo and Ana Maria Cadena. The boutique will display Jacquemus' latest spring and "Les Sculptures" collections, offering exclusive merchandise like beach racquets, domino sets, travel mugs, magnets, postcards, and card games to celebrate the Saint-Tropez pop-up.


3 avenue Foch, 83990 St.-Tropez

La Renaissance by JACQUEMUS

15 traverse des Lices, 83990 St.-Tropez


Indie Beach, Route de Bonne Terrasse

83350 Ramatuelle



Walk with ease during your Mediterranean vacation in Rondini’s timeless designs. Renowned for its handcrafted leather sandals, which have been produced by the same family-owned workshop for generations. The shop offers a wide range of footwear styles, from classic to more contemporary designs, all crafted with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, that will for sure fit a wide range of styles. Many visitors to Saint-Tropez make a point to stop by Rondini to pick up a pair of these iconic sandals, which are not only stylish but also comfortable and durable. It's a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts and anyone looking for a piece of Saint-Tropez's timeless elegance.

18-18Bis rue Georges Clemenceau, 83990 Saint-Tropez


Villa Le Faune

Combine your high-end beachwear shopping in St. Tropez with a stay at Villa Le Faune and help LVH create an unforgettable escape for you in one of the French Riviera's most prestigious destinations. Villa Le Faune is a stunning luxury estate in Ramatuelle, offering breathtaking panoramic views of St. Tropez and unparalleled privacy. It provides the ideal setting for outdoor relaxation and friendly competition, featuring contemporary minimalist glamour, brightly lit interiors, a tennis court, and a bowling green.

Saint-Tropez as an inspiration for Haute Couture

Saint-Tropez has inspired numerous collections of the most prominent haute couture houses with its rich cultural heritage, coastal allure, and natural splendor. While working for Chanel, designers like Karl Lagerfeld have created capsule collections inspired by the luxurious Mediterranean region. Karl and other designers have drawn from the town's elegance, incorporating nautical motifs, relaxed silhouettes, and luxurious fabrics into their collections. Over the years, Dior, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, and Elie Saab have all created signature pieces and statement accessories that would look perfect worn with the Saint Tropezienne vistas as the backdrop. These designers capture Saint Tropez's effervescent lifestyle, offering pieces that exude effortless sophistication and timeless French glamour.

As you prepare for a luxurious getaway to Saint Tropez, ensuring your finest appearance and indulging in the most prestigious accommodations become essential facets of your journey. Rest assured that LVH will offer you the epitome of a home-away-from-home experience, replete with luxurious shopping experiences, ensuring that your vacation is nothing short of extraordinary. Furthermore, we are committed to curating a personalized itinerary filled with unique experiences that will elevate your trip to unforgettable heights. Connect with one of our client relations professionals today to plan an extraordinary getaway to your desired destination.

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