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Discover Pure Indulgence in a Fully Serviced Luxury Home

October 13, 2023

When we talk about a holiday, it's not merely a pause from our everyday lives but a chance to bask in comfort and leisure. Imagine retreating to a home where every need is anticipated and meticulously addressed, and every service is curated to elevate your experience.

That's what a stay at a fully serviced luxury home, especially one under LVH's extensive and opulent portfolio, promises you. Across more than 100 dream destinations, LVH guarantees a stay where your needs aren't merely satisfied; they are anticipated and executed with the utmost precision and care. After all, it's not simply a vacation; it's a crafted experience, ensuring your holiday transforms into a series of cherished memories meticulously crafted by our dedicated team.

LVH Field Team

Immersing in the LVH experience

Your exquisite journey begins when you step into an LVH home. A welcoming ceremony greets you, featuring a meticulously curated charcuterie board, champagne, and a fresh bouquet, marking the beginning of your luxurious retreat. An impeccable field manager quietly orchestrates a symphony of seamless operations and maintenance behind the scenes, ensuring perfection throughout your stay. Available around the clock and primarily off-premises, they guarantee your days unfold as splendidly as envisioned, intervening only when necessary or upon request, resolving any issues that may emerge.

LVH Welcome Ceremony

Your steward, available 12 hours a day, becomes your point of contact for an array of in-home services. From packing and unpacking to cocktail preparation and coordination with other staff, your steward is dedicated to meeting, anticipating and fulfilling your requests with warm hospitality.

Before your arrival, your home is pre-stocked with your favorite products and items, tailoring the environment to mirror your preferences and ensuring immediate comfort and ease. The seemingly small yet significant task of unpacking is managed by our steward, ensuring your belongings are carefully organized upon your arrival and similarly packed before your departure. Airport transfers are effortlessly handled, with our chauffeurs ensuring smooth arrivals and departures within a 30-mile radius. From landing to departure, you’re assured uncompromised luxury and convenience.

Thanks to your dedicated housekeeping staff, freshness and immaculate cleanliness envelops you and your home. Professionally trained housekeepers, using eco-friendly and organic products, maintain a spotless environment and manage daily tasks like towel and linen changes, laundry, and replenishment services while respecting your privacy and schedule.

Experience the convenience of having a world-class concierge service at your disposal 24/7, precisely managing every facet of your trip. From crafting bespoke itineraries to coordinating each detail, the concierge team brings your holiday dreams to life. Additional administrative fees may apply for booked services.

And the luxury doesn’t end there! Indulge in exclusive luxury spa products, carefully chosen to nourish your skin and relax your senses, further accentuating the plush ambiance of your stay.

 Going the extra mile

LVH goes beyond merely providing a place to stay, offering the option to enhance your experience with additional, meticulously curated services. From chartering yachts and private jets to securing access to exclusive establishments and events, we ensure your journey is every bit as magnificent as your destination.  

Whether cruising from one exotic location to another in unparalleled luxury, traversing through the world’s most stunning landscapes in a supercar, or indulging in personalized culinary experiences with professional chefs, LVH makes every moment splendidly unforgettable. Choosing LVH's luxury homes is not merely selecting a place to reside; it’s opting for a meticulously curated experience, ensuring each moment of your holiday or business trip is as exquisite as it is memorable.

Dish prepared by LVH Chef

Moments that resonate

Understanding that travel transcends mere destination exploration, LVH is devoted to crafting experiences that resonate with your interests and desires. Whether you seek adrenaline-fueled adventures, access to the globe’s most exclusive events, or the intimate allure of personally curated functions, LVH transforms your dreams into reality.

 If your inclinations lean towards immersing yourself in the art world and discovering hidden treasures within esteemed galleries and museums, consider it arranged. Coveting a table at a fine dining establishment where waitlists seemingly have no end? LVH will curate your exquisite culinary journey, ensuring your name is noted on the guest list of even the most unattainable venues and performances. Should an adventurous spirit beckon you towards experiences that tiptoe along the edge of thrill and excitement, rest assured we’ll carve out an adventure that satiates that daring spirit.

Unparalleled celebrations and access

When it comes to celebrations, LVH transforms your wildest dreams into reality. Imagine a birthday party on the Bahamian beaches, with the pulsating beats of a globally renowned DJ, flown in exclusively from New York – all organized within 48 hours! LVH does not just cater to your wishes; we anticipate, indulge, and meticulously bring them to life, leaving no request unfulfilled.

 LVH goes beyond curating experiences by crafting stories that ensure you do more than attend events; you immerse in them in a way that's distinctly yours. Whether securing tickets to sold-out concerts, ensuring your presence at exclusive events like the F1 races, or entry to elite gatherings like the Oscars, AMFAR, Grammy and Emmy awards, LVH provides unparalleled access.

 Your culinary adventures will exceed expectations as we navigate the most sought-after dining establishments globally. From Manhattan's buzzed-about restaurants to culinary experiences in Mexico City, LVH doesn’t just secure a seat; we ensure a memorable gastronomic journey while always preserving your privacy.

With LVH, your journey is crafted and curated with a deep understanding of your desires, ensuring each experience is unapologetically yours. Engage in limitless experiences, bound only by your imagination, and weave tales in your travel tapestry that are uniquely and exquisitely your own.

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LVH is a premier luxury super home chartering company that provides access to thousands of elite homes in hundreds of global destinations, each with full on-site services that will satisfy every need and want. Please share your travel intentions and one of our Client Relations Managers will contact you shortly.
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