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Dive into These 4 Magical Mediterranean Destinations

July 22, 2022

On your travel radar: Corfu, Ibiza, Marbella and Mykonos

The glorious Mediterranean! Sea breezes, sunshine for days and nights as sweet as the exotic blooms that paint the landscape. The Mediterranean is absolutely bewitching – dramatic culture you can see, touch and smell. Towns are steeped in crusader history and dotted among cliffs plunging into crystalline water.

Corfu, Ibiza, Marbella and Mykonos are Mediterranean destinations with something for every elite traveler. Here, we will give you a little smorgasbord of things you can find in each of these heady locations.


Sitting in the north of the Ionian Sea, Corfu in Greece is influenced strongly by the Venetians, the French and the English and has an intoxicating cosmopolitan, multicultural charm. Here are a few things to try when you’re there:

Dining at Rodostamo Restaurant

Intimate and sophisticated is the ambiance you will find at Rodostamo, located in the five-star Rodostamo Corfu Hotel and Spa. Offering an enchanting combination of modern Mediterranean and traditional Greek cuisine, you will leave with having had a distinctive and enjoyable culinary experience. Consider starting with the glazed octopus with honey and garlic; potato rosti, wild greens and octopus emulsion. Move on to the grilled fish of the day with potatoes, zucchini, carrots, seasonal greens and sauces. If you have room for dessert, we suggest the crème brûlée with lemon, ginger, almond and coconut ice cream.

Enjoy an intimate night out with fine food at Rodostamo Restaurant. [Source:]

Visit the Municipal Art Gallery

The magnificent building in which this gallery is housed is worth a visit itself. Located in the Palace of Saint Michael and Saint George, the gallery features the brilliant works of local artists of the 19th and 20th centuries and frequently hosts important exhibitions.

The Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu. [Source:]

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Corfu provides wonderful possibilities to snorkel and scuba dive, particularly in the Santa Barbara area of the south. With golden sand and crystal waters, it’s an ideal location to explore marine life – particularly the reefs and caves of the southwest.

Get up close and personal with marine life in Corfu’s tepid waters. [Source:]

Ultimate Ultima Corfu

Staying at one of Corfu’s best luxury villas is a must when visiting this island paradise. Ultima Corfu has the most idyllic location imaginable – perched on a glorious Cliffside overlooking the bluest sea. This two-level mansion has six impeccably appointed bedrooms to accommodate 12 guests. Romantic and prestigious, it is the ideal residence for entertaining. You will have a full-service spa and wellness center complete with a hammam. There are two swimming pools, a pool bar, a boat dock, waterfalls and beautiful outdoor spaces for al fresco dining. Inside, there is a hot tub, gym, cinema room, wine cellar and staff quarters, among other things.

The unrivaled beauty of Ultima Corfu.


Aside from being known as “party central” in Europe, Ibiza has so much more to offer than letting loose on the dance floor (although that’s a big part of its allure). Ibiza’s beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the world and its dining scene is par excellence. When you’re not particularly in a partying mood, you may want to try these suggestions:

Explore Old Town

Ibiza’s Old Town, a fortified UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an atmospheric labyrinth of narrow streets and whitewashed walls offering a stark contrast to the typical Ibiza reputation. Dalt Vila provides some stunning views over the harbor and is a breath of fresh air from Ibiza’s modern side. Soak up some atmosphere at the Castell d’Eivissa Fortress, offering commanding views of the ocean, and the famous Baroque-cross-Gothic Ibiza Cathedral.

Castell d’Eivissa Fortress. [Source:]

Sunsets and Chill Beats at Café del Mar

Head to San Antonio (Sant Antoni de Portmany), Café del Mar for dinner and drinks and some top-tier sunset or sunrise watching. This internationally acclaimed restaurant/club has been hosting live music and DJs since the 1970s. A careful selection of food and drinks, exquisite music selection and the natural environment surrounding Caló Des Moro, owner of the most emblematic sunrise in the whole Mediterranean Sea – those are Café del Mar’s distinguishing marks. Grab a specialty cocktail to go with an entrée of marinated, diced red tuna with diced mango, guacamole, radishes and micro mesclun.

The very hip interior of Café del Mar. [Source:]

Spend the Day in Formentera

If you need a little breather from the party scene and tourist-trodden club life of San Antonio or Ibiza itself, make your way to the tranquil island of Formentera, known as Ibiza’s little sister. A mere stone’s throw from mainland Ibiza, but worlds apart in atmosphere – this tiny island is famous for its serene sandy beaches and picturesque views. Make a day of it on a private yacht tour; take in some breathtaking coastal walks, go snorkeling or scuba diving (there are plenty of shops for gear rental), or just laze on your own private little stretch of sand.

Fortmentera beckons elite travelers in their yachts. [Source:]

Scintillating Villa Can Nemo

This beautiful, contemporary estate brims with quintessential Balearic glamor from its coveted hilltop perch. Lauded for its outstanding panoramas over the glittering sea expanse, far-reaching views extend to the distant silhouette of Formentera. It is among the most beautiful Ibiza luxury villas. Can Nemo has both water and mountain views and six bedrooms with rooms for 12 guests. A glorious 753-square-foot master bedroom boasts an open space bathroom and a sizable Italian-designed dressing room as one of the home's highlights. The outdoors offer a garden of delights, navigating past terraced shrubbery, rustic retaining walls, and romantic walk paths. Aromatic pines and palms embrace stylish lounge and sunken seating areas exceeding the glamor of the world's most exclusive beach clubs. A pool is a focal point, while rejuvenation and Zen calm are assured between a hot tub and a waterfall feature.

The modern elegance of Villa Can Nemo.


Marbella is known as the playground of Europe’s affluent and famous. Situated between Malaga and Gibraltar, Marbella is heaven for food connoisseurs. The town is home to more than 600 restaurants, including three which carry Michelin stars. Its mild climate is one of Marbella’s attractions as are the wonderful shops. But we must not forget its inebriating charm, either. You might enjoy investigating these things:

Skina Restaurant

Skina, with its two Michelin stars, is a unique restaurant in one of the narrow and charming white streets in the old town area. The restaurant is probably one of the smallest you will ever visit. There are only four tables, so it is intimate, to say the least. Marcos Granda is its famous owner and sommelier. The food is contemporary haute cuisine, based on traditional Andalusian cuisine and first-class Spanish products. At Skina, not a single detail of your dining experience will be left to chance. We suggest the Grand cru menu where you will enjoy everything from gazpacho to suckling pig with sweet potato and plum and chocolate with almonds and coffee.

Preparing a delicious dish at Skina. [Source:]

Take in the Iglesia de la Encarnación

Marbella’s main historic landmark is a splendid renaissance and baroque church completed in the mid-18th century. The city wasn’t “re-conquered” from the Moors until the end of the 15th century, much later than almost everywhere else in Spain. This former mosque was sanctified straight away, and became a Christian place of worship centuries before work on it was completed. Some of the building’s architecture has simply been adapted for Christian use. Take the church’s tower, which was once a minaret. The interior floor plan was changed to a basilica layout, with three naves and opulent 18th century rococo decoration.

The stunning interior of the Iglesia de la Encarnación. [Source:]

A Heaven for Golfers

Fitting for a playground for the wealthy, Marbella has an abundance of amazing golf courses. Some are very exclusive, invitation-only clubs. If you’re new to the sport then Monte Paraiso is the one for you; it has relatively short, par-3 holes forgiving for newcomers but still poses a test for seasoned golfers. If you want to go all-out try Los Naranjos or La Quinta Golf and Country Club.

Los Naranjos golf course. [Source:]

The Incomparable Villa Denise

Villa Denise is a palatial beachfront residence belonging to the coveted grounds of the exclusive Hotel Marbella Club. Private beach and promenade access from its serene grounds place this home in a category of its own. Exquisitely styled interiors include six bedrooms to accommodate up to 12 guests. The outside area features an Alhambra-inspired veranda, a palatial Moorish-style courtyard, a Zen garden, and direct access to a private stretch of beach. Revel in the hedonism of this exquisite seaside oasis, indulging in the aristocratic luxury of centuries past, lounging poolside, frosty cocktail in hand.

Villa Denise is the epitome of luxury right on a beautiful sandy beach. 


Among the pantheon of Greek islands, none is more mythic than Mykonos. This is the hedonistic playground of beachside DJs and party vibes that knows no end. An official brochure says the island shows “a complete lack of restraint and climate truly divorced from anything that resembles everyday routine.” If you are thinking about having LVH plan a trip to Mykonos for you, now may be the time. Here are some things other than dancing the nights away, you might want to consider:


Known as the “Island of the Winds,” Mykonos is a mecca for kite surfers. Korfos Bay, in particular, is a paradise for both beginner and advanced riders. The sandy beach and shallow waters make the spot ideal for kitesurfing. For those who may want to indulge themselves in other activities rather than sports the cosmopolitan and world famous Ornos Beach is just 300 meters away. If you have always wanted to try kitesurfing, there are a number of certified instructors on the island.

[With winds at a premium, Mykonos is the ideal kitesurfing destination. [Source:]

Luxury Shopping

Mykonos has some of the most amazing high-end boutiques in Greece. From Gucci to Off-White, the island is a shopper’s paradise. Every year, the number of temporary summer stores multiplies, small shopping destinations combining unique and precious creations with an architecture often reflecting the colors, history and mood of the island. Many boutiques are concentrated inside the Nammos Village, a 12,000-square-meter open air mall. Here, you will find Burberry, Enny Monaco, Dior, Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton, among others.

The Louis Vuitton boutique in Nammos Village.

Remezzo Restaurant

Remezzo Restaurant is certainly a luxury restaurant worth a visit. The menu is full of quality gourmet dishes. With a wide variety of dishes, it is easy to choose one of your favorites. Remezzo is right on the seafront, so you will have a gorgeous sea view while you enjoy your meal. At Remezzo, you can not only enjoy fine Greek cuisine, but also special guest DJs and parties. Remezzo can host more than 170 people for an amazing party. Try a Pink Urchin cocktail fashioned with Henrick’s, fresh lime, raspberry, rose and champagne. For dinner, start with sea bass ceviche with citrus, chili, coriander and white-flesh peach. For your main, we suggest the risotto with asparagus cream, roasted scallops and shrimp. Dessert has to be the open-faced baklava with cinnamon ice cream.

Remezzo Restaurant is all about an elite dining and cocktail experience. [Source:]

Best Mykonos Villa

This unbelievable luxury complex is the true epitome of hedonism. A dazzling array of multi-tiered decks, verandas, and rooftops conform to the rugged coastline delivering astounding vistas over Mykonos' breathtaking northwestern coastline. A destination in itself, this residence curates an unmatched getaway for a large group of up to 24. Palapa thatched exteriors, rounded edge interiors, exposed beam ceilings, arched doorways, and hidden nooks are just some elements that define this festive, maximalist home. This extraordinary home boasts a whopping 7,534-square-foot infinity pool and an outdoor hot tub for a more intimate staycation. Whether guests are smokers or have pets, Best Mykonos Villa curates a no-holds-back philosophy of hedonism spread out before outstanding Aegean views stretching to Delos, Tinos, and Santorini.

The sultry grandeur of Best Mykonos Villa.

Your LVH elite vacation will be everything you want it to be. We will include all the things that stir your senses on the tailor-made itinerary we create for you. We invite you to reach out to one of our insightful client service associates who will begin planning your fabulous Mediterranean getaway, ensuring your stay is a mélange of excitement, style, relaxation and elegance.

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