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eFoil Surfing for Two on Lift Foils’ New Board

April 04, 2022

Avid surfers know the Golden State is one of the best to head to on the mainland for some great wave action. Traditional surfboards provide some heart-pounding adrenaline moments, but conditions have to be just right for surfing – when waves are flat, surfing comes to a standstill. The sport, however, has come into the technological age with the creation of lift foil electric surfboards, also called eFoils allowing surfers to enjoy being on the water when there are no waves. It’s sort of a combination of flying and surfing.

Lift Foils, a company based out of Puerto Rico, has recently released an innovative new board – the Lift3 F – capable of carrying two riders. With a top speed of 30 m/ph, the board is suited to both beginners and advanced riders who can still show off their fancy tricks. The board also features Lift’s signature 28-inch carbon fiber mast, and efficient carbon fiber front and back wings.

First Version

The 4’9” Lift3 F in seafoam green makes for a great mix of performance and stability for those who are more advanced or who want to add to their skills. [Source: digitaloceanspaces.com]

Lift Foils released the first version of this board in 2017 and Lift3 has some sweet modifications: a lithium-ion battery pack that can run for 100 minutes on a full charge, Bluetooth controls that also lets you know how much charge is left, and two sizes – 4’9” and 5’4”. If you’re more experienced, opt for the shorter version allowing you to be fancier with your manoeuvers, while the longer version is easier to control and geared more to beginners and casual riders. An added bonus is the foil stays in the water even when you’re tricking it out.

If you want your own slice of heaven to try out this new board, you’ll have an amazing beach at your beck and call when you stay at Villa Anita in Orange County. Seven exquisite bedrooms offer the pinnacle of comfort for 1444 discerning guests. An outdoor cooking area, oversized custom heated pool and spa, and sports court set the scene for unmatched all-day entertaining. Charming footpaths meander through manicured gardens and along the ocean bluff.On the other hand, you might also want to spend some time in the magical desert realm of Palm Springs where you can still practice your eFoil skills at Zenyara Resort before taking your new toy into the open waters. This majestic home in the heart of the Coachella Valley, has its very own man-made lake and beachfront in addition to host of other modern amenities.

Prices for the Lift3 F eFoil – which comes in vermillion red or seafoam green – start at US$9.995.

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