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Explore: Croatia

May 14, 2024

When planning a European summer vacation, visiting Croatia and exploring its breathtaking nature is a perfect choice. This country is graced with an extensive and breathtakingly beautiful coastline. Its awe-inspiring landscapes and natural wonders encompass national parks and cascading waterfalls, while its coastal cities breathe life into its rich cultural and historical heritage. 


Croatia doesn’t lack natural wonders. Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park's endless forests and incredible waterfalls will leave you breathless. These beautiful national parks are just two of many more in this naturally rich country. The national parks consist of various bodies of water, like rivers, lakes, and streams, seamlessly surrounded by limestone mountain ranges. 

Since 1949, Plitvice Lakes National Park has been the first park in Croatia to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The park's most stunning feature is its magnificent cascading lakes, which transform into picturesque waterfalls that run directly into the crystalline Korana River. The jewel of this park is Gradinsko Lake. 

Picture perfect Gradinsko Lake

Nature enthusiasts will savor a leisurely stroll through Krka National Park, where stunning lakes are embellished with charming wooden bridges. Winding hiking trails meander throughout this splendid park, offering endless exploration opportunities. Crystal-clear waters serve as a haven for an array of gentle creatures, enhancing the sense of unity with nature that one experiences while exploring this park. 

Krka National Park with walkway


Having a long and interesting history, Croatia possesses some of the most beautiful, remarkably preserved coastal cities that enrich its culture and are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Walking the streets of these cities while overlooking the crystalline Adriatic Sea can take you back in time or into the world of Game of Thrones, as many scenes in the series feature some of these architectural masterpieces. The Old City of Dubrovnik is surrounded by massive 16th-century stone walls which help paint the picture of a bygone era. This mesmerizing city welcomes travelers to wander its shops, cafes and restaurants while soaking in the picturesque views it has to offer. The famous port town, Split, lies inside the ancient Roman walls. Strolling through this town feels like walking through the palace corridors while still feeling the sea breeze on your skin. Venture beyond and discover the diverse urban landscapes this country proudly presents, including the ancient allure of Pula, with its majestic Roman Amphitheater; the coastal charm of Zadar, home to the unique Sea Organ; the timeless beauty of Trogir, encased within medieval walls; and the picturesque streets of Rovinj, rising dramatically from the Adriatic.  Each city weaves its own unique narrative of cultural heritage and architectural marvels, promising unforgettable exploration of their historical depths and iconic features. 

The Old City of Dubrovnik


It is not enough to just look at or lie on the beach to fully experience the crystal-clear waters of Croatia. Indulging in the endless water activities like snorkeling, cave expeditions, rafting and more is one way to get a glimpse of Croatia’s full potential. However, sailing and yachting around serene islands in the comfort of your own luxury vessel and privacy will bring your vacation to another level. LVH provides luxurious yachts on inquiry that offer day-trips, sunset cruising adventures or even a great way to move between vacation destinations in style. 


When visiting Croatia, stay in the stunning Mediterranean residence, Villa Hortensia in Losin, where the beauty of the Adriatic sea meets the fragrant flora surrounding this villa. Secluded and discrete yet overlooking the lovely beach. This vacation rental accommodates up to twenty guests and offers them a place to stay in one of ten stunning bedrooms. The aesthetically pleasing interior presents a marriage of contemporary chic elegance and high couture. Natural sunlight highlights the pristine white details and precious stone flooring while navigating through the swinging glass doors. The airy living space provides an intimate area for precious moments with friends and family. This luxury home flaunts a spa for bodily bliss in a Finnish sauna, fitness area, wellness and beauty area. Stepping outside does not fail to amaze, a lounging area adorns the heated swimming pool overlooking the sea. Villa Hortensia is the epitome of Adriatic luxury living. 

Villa Hortensia, Croatia

Understanding Croatia's unique allure, LVH takes pride in crafting personalized itineraries that ensure you don't just visit but truly experience it. Whether you're drawn to exploring the ancient ruins, savoring the local cuisine, engaging in water sports, or simply soaking in the panoramic views, our itineraries are designed to suit your individual tastes. Connect with one of our client relations professionals today to begin planning an extraordinary getaway to your desired destination.

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