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Gender Fluid Gucci MX Collection

February 25, 2022

Moving in step with the 21st century, Gucci premiered its MX collection – luxury genderless or gender fluid clothing, which, the fashion house says, celebrates self-expression in the name of all gender equality.

Gucci also used gender-neutral models to style the pieces – a first in the luxury fashion field, setting a precedent for other brands. Gucci’s website, where it first launched two collections under the MX brand – Pre-Fall and FW20 – says, “Playing with the constructive nature of gender, the MX project underlines the performative nature of what we wear, presenting masculinity and femininity as relative concepts.”

Various Categories

Gucci MX has divided its all-season offerings into four categories:

  • Ready to Wear
  • Handbags and Luggage
  • Shoes
  • Accessories

Gucci plans to update the collection every season. We have highlighted a couple of ensembles – put together with main pieces from the MX Collection – that you might like to add to your wardrobe. Some pieces might be really trend-setting to wear to the New York Pride Parade, the London Pride Parade or the Paris Pride Parade!

First Look

  • Wool mohair pant: In Gucci designer Alessandro Michele’s vision, there is no distinction between a man’s wardrobe and a woman’s wardrobe, and by infusing typically feminine details into the men’s collection, and vice versa, the lines between the two worlds blur. This pant has a classic shape with leg seam detail and an internal curtained waistband. Retails for US$1,300.
  • Silk crepe de chine formal shirt: Form-fitting and ultra-soft formal shirt. Retails for US$850.
  • Slip-on feather arm warmers: Feather arm warmers speak to the house's continual experimentation with design and materials in creative ways. Retails for US$5,650.
  • Loafer with tassel: Contrasting colors combine with a tassel detail to give this leather loafer a playful feel. The shoe is further enhanced by links to the house's 100-year-long history through references to its equestrian past. Appearing in green and red, the web stripe is paired with the emblematic Interlocking “G” for a defined logo feel. Retails for US$880.
  • Square sunglasses: The coolest accessory to bring together all the elements. Retails for US$505.
Total for the ensemble: US$9,185. [Source:]

Second Look

  • Jumbo GG canvas coat: The jumbo GG, a new, maximalist version of the historic monogram, animates this coat. Retails for US$4,800.
  • Gucci 100 large suitcase: During its 100 years, Gucci has established itself as one of the most influential fashion houses. Becoming a status quo and household name within pop culture, songs have repeatedly celebrated Gucci with their lyrics. Paying homage to that, a mix of pieces from Aria are defined by lyrics of contemporary songs courtesy of © Sony Music Publishing. Crafted from an ivory jacquard with crowns and flowers, this large suitcase is defined by a print featuring the words to “The R” By E. Barrier and W. Griffin. Retails for US$8,200.
  • Knee-high boots with harness: This pair of knee-high leather boots is characterized by unexpected elements such as the horsebit harness detail and the perforated interlocking G. Retails for US$1,990.Interlocking "G" stripe cotton socks: These long white cotton blend socks, with a contrasting beige toe and heel, are reminiscent of those worn in horse riding – a homage to the house's equestrian roots. The recognizable Interlocking “G” motif completes the style for a subtle design twist. Retails for US$250.
Total for the ensemble: US$15,240. [Source:]

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