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Get Some LA Adventure In before the Super Bowl LVI Kick-Off

December 21, 2021

With the glitz, the glitter and the glamor, Los Angeles is all about the before or after party and for many that might mean doing something really “out there” before watching Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 11. Staying at an LVH home, you’re in the ideal place to put your feet up, grab a couple of craft beers or your favorite beverage paired with decadent treats. In fact, when you’re staying at Villa Dominica, you can go all out and throw a top notch Super Bowl 2024 after party! With 31,000 square feet of space, there’s plenty of room for celebrating in this contemporary masterpiece of luxury living!

Villa Dominica, Los Angeles

Getting In a Thrill

The Super Bowl is the largest sports party in the world. Add to the excitement of the game by book-ending it with some thrill-seeking adventures to make it a truly memorable event. Nothing gets your heart racing before the big game like racing a Ferrari against a friend's Lamborghini, paragliding the San Bernardino mountains or canyoneering the cliffs just outside LA. Let LVH book your LA Super Bowl Adventure with these choices:


Rappelling from the summit of a rock spire in The Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, on a cloud filled sky, summer day.

For a true thrill-seeker, canyoneering will not only give you a glimpse of water gushing from the ground in what is usually dry terrain, but it will also provide gaspingly impressive rustic scenery. You can count on loads of tingless and buckets of adrenaline when you put your skills to the test.

Canyoneering is not just about rock climbing, you’ll also be hiking, sliding, scrambling, stemming, chimneying and rappelling. This sport has an element of danger to it since it’s so challenging. Enlist the guidance of a professional to get some training before your outing just to make sure you’re prepared.

Car Racing

Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Strap yourself into what may be the most powerful machine you’ve ever handled. Become a legitimate speed demon – on a 1.2-mile, state-of-the-art racetrack – in your choice of available racing cars at LA’s Exotics Racing. Get behind the wheel of one of the hottest cars on the planet – offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Corvette, Audi and Mercedes, to name a few. All cars have paddle shifters to accommodate all skill levels and board dash cameras to capture every moment of your exclusive experience as you put the pedal to the metal. Staying at one of LVH’s Los Angeles luxury villas like Villa Hailey with its striking vistas and modern amenities while you prepare for your own Super Bowl after party, makes so much sense. You’re close to all experiences like this one so you can take some time to decompress with activities that take your mind off day-to-day tasks.

Villa Hailey, Los Angeles


Jetpacking has literally taken off over the last few years, yet there’s no real way to describe it other than saying it’s a combination of jet skiing, skydiving and parasailing. And it’s the jet ski that provides the pressure that will lift you to the sky. If you’ve never done this before, there are certified instructors available to give you a hand. Most people take to the air within minutes. Jetpackers who get really adept at the sport can do some pretty involved tricks. Here are three tips for a great fledgling experience:

· Relax. Let your legs dangle, trust your instructor, your equipment and yourself.

· Don’t hold on tight. A gentle grip is the key to success. A jetpack has sensitive movements.

· Pay attention to your instructor. He or she will give you the right moves and you’ll get the hang of it quicker.


Paragliding over the Pacific Ocean

When you’re in LA and thinking about getting out of your head and doing something challenging and hair-raising, you’ll get that plus a whole new perspective on the landscape by signing up for paragliding. Whether you’ve never done it before or you’re an intermediate or advanced glider, there is an ideal venue for you in LA. Glide over the Pacific Ocean and see if you can spot any whales, rays, or sharks; soar high above the mountains and look for deer, mountain lions, hawks, vultures and other wildlife. Get that ride in and cross another adventure off your to-do list. If you’re new, have no fear since your first flight will be in tandem with a professional glider.

Here are some other action-filled experiences you might consider enjoying before heading to the game:

· Hang gliding

· Scuba diving

· Rock climbing

· Flyboarding

Whatever adventure you’re seeking, you can be sure your LVH team can make it happen. Will will do our best to get you exclusive tickets to the big game and arrange transportation in a chauffeured limousine or exclusive vehicle. Just say the word and let us work our magic.

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