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Give Him a Birdbox for Father’s Day 2022

April 06, 2022

You might be shaking your head when we suggest getting the special dad in your life a Birdbox for Father’s Day, but we can assure you, this box is definitely not for the birds.

The brainchild of Livit of Norway, the Birdbox is quite amazing, actually. It’s a prefabricated room designed to bring you close to nature, providing comfort and shelter and at the same time it’s small and light enough to be placed in unique places leaving a negligible footprint. In a nutshell, Birdbox is designed for unique experiences. It’s a unique combination of minimalist design and understated luxury.

Make it Whatever You Want

Inside The Birdbox looking out on an amazing view. [Source: fbcdn.net]

The Birdbox can be used for adventure, for relaxation and for pure romance. If you’ve got a magical piece of land somewhere you’ve been waiting to build on, this awesome box can be the ideal stop gap until you finalize plans, or you can simply leave it on the land and use it as a mini-retreat for activities like fishing and hiking. The only limits are in your imagination. Birdbox comes in two versions – mini and medi. Both are delivered key-ready with an interior. Don’t be leery about having it placed in a remote area since Birdbox is constructed to withstand extreme weather conditions. The box has enormous glass windows letting you take in the natural surroundings.

Can be Delivered to any Location in the World

Livit will arrange installation of the Birdbox in a location of your choosing. [Source: fbcdn.net]

Just purchase online and have it delivered to a location of your choosing, where it will be dropped via helicopter and mounted on columns, complete with furniture. It can be fitted with solar panels for off-the-grid living. As for bathroom facilities: You can buy a Birdbox toilet pod with a floor to ceiling one-way glass window so you can even take in the view while using the facilities. The pod can be purchased separately and positioned close to the dwelling.

Birdbox Mini Specs

  • Construction: Structure, mounting, window mounting and surface-treatment is done with construction principles from boat building making Birdbox extremely robust and maintenance friendly;
  • Natural ventilation;
  • Oak vinyl flooring;
  • 800-liter storage under bed;
  • 220x200-centimeter continental bed;
  • Key side table, two ottomans;
  • Black tinted insulation glass windows;
  • Inside walls are water resistant panels with wool fabric.

Specs for the Birdbox medi are identical to the mini aside from the addition of a kitchen bench with sink and two lounge chairs. The bed is slightly smaller at 200x150 centimeters. Pricing for the Birdbox is available upon request.

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It has been a tough few years globally and perhaps dad could use a double dose of wonderful this Father’s Day. In addition to the Birdbox, you might want to whisk him away on a trip to an amazing destination. Just give us the go-ahead and we can begin building your trip now. At LVH we want you and the special dad in your life to have the time of your lives in any destination you choose. Not only will you have the most luxurious accommodations imaginable, but full services, 24/7 support and an itinerary customized to your every wish and desire. We invite you to reach out to one of our LVH client relations team members to get plans started. Then sit back and watch his face when you tell him what you have planned!

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