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Italy's Elite Havens: Premier Wellness and Health Spas

June 14, 2024

Italy's allure as a premier destination for luxury wellness and spa experiences transcends mere reputation. Amidst Tuscany's rolling hills, the Amalfi Coast's majestic cliffs, and Umbria's tranquil countryside, Italy's spas offer serenity and indulgence. Each region features unique treatments blending tradition and innovation.

Italy's spa culture, steeped in millennia of tradition, is known for the fusion of ancient Roman thermal practices and modern innovations across over 1,000 thermal springs. Italian thermal water is renowned for its health benefits, improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and promoting relaxation. Restore balance with soothing massages, body scrubs, thermal baths, and mud wraps, all infused with Italy's healing thermal waters, drawing upon the country’s rich tradition of healing therapies. 

Therefore, we have curated a collection of Italy's most esteemed wellness retreats nestled amidst the country's most coveted destinations and conveniently situated near the opulent residences within LVH's distinguished portfolio. Enjoy expert-guided spa treatments, holistic wellness programs, and the beauty of Italy's landscapes.


Lakeside Luxury Renewal: a harmonious blend of hydrotherapy havens, ancient Roman baths, and cutting-edge tech-infused facials 

Lake Como [Source: Unsplash]

With its tranquil waters and stunning alpine backdrop, Lake Como is home to some of Italy's most exclusive spas, renowned for their stunning lake views and unparalleled luxury. 

The T Spa at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a historic palace that has hosted royalty and celebrities, adding an air of prestige to its spa services.  The T Spa is a luxurious 1,000 m² wellness sanctuary featuring:

  • Five elegant treatment rooms
  • Hammam suite
  • Heat Experience Wet Area 

which includes a Mediterranean bath, steam bath, sauna with stunning Lake Como views, and an ice fountain. 

  • Hydrotherapy circuit that invigorates and relaxes by combining the benefits of water jets, bubbles, and temperatures.
The T spa’s infinity pool by the lake features various whirlpools, water cascades, and jets [Source: Courtesy of Grand Hotel Tremezzo - https://www.grandhoteltremezzo.com/en/spa/]

Additionally, the T Spa collaborates with the prestigious beauty line ESPA. Adhering to ESPA's philosophy, all products are naturally derived and embody global wisdom from Oriental to European traditions. The spa offers a variety of beauty, anti-aging, and rebalancing therapies for both women and men, ensuring a comprehensive and rejuvenating wellness experience.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental provides a comprehensive range of exclusive treatments designed to rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind. You can indulge in personalized journeys like:

  • Oriental Qi massage
  • Time Rituals 

which combines Eastern techniques with therapeutic essential oils. 

  • Wellness programs: Detox & Revitalize and Stress Relief
  • Thai massage
  • Shiatsu, and 
  • Reflexology
  • Holistic therapies
  • Collagen Facial and Cellular Rejuvenation - luxurious facials 
  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion for an instant glow, 
  • Advanced therapies such as the Venus Freeze for skin tightening, 

which provide comprehensive care through detoxifying treatments, personalized fitness, and mindfulness practices.

Elements for Oriental Qi massage at Mandarin Oriental [The Spa Photo: courtesy of Mandarin Oriental - https://www.mandarinoriental.com/en/lake-como/blevio/spa]

With facilities such as an indoor pool, thermal area, and relaxation lounge, the Spa at Mandarin Oriental ensures an unforgettable experience that harmonizes mind, body, and spirit, offering unparalleled luxury and serenity.

Photo: Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental

When choosing Lake Como for your wellness getaway, select Villa Peduzzi as your home away from home. It epitomizes understated luxury, marrying modern elegance with breathtaking alpine vistas across its expansive 8,500 sq. ft. Its minimalist design, characterized by clean lines, a monochrome palette, and harmonious symmetry, is complemented by extensive outdoor lounge areas, including shaded pergolas and expansive decks. Furthermore, you are treated to a sleek infinity-edge pool that extends boldly into the majestic mountain scenery, enhancing the villa's serene and indulgent ambiance.

Villa Peduzzi perched above Lake Como


Wellness Wonders: Vinotherapy Massages, Organic Facials, and Farm-To-Table Dining

[Source: Unsplash]

Tuscany's health and wellness are celebrated for their exceptional amenities, including state-of-the-art wellness centers, infinity pools overlooking the Tuscan countryside, and exclusive wellness programs tailored to individual needs, featuring signature therapies like vinotherapy massages and facials that use antioxidant-rich grape extracts. You can also indulge in organic farm-to-table dining experiences, with every meal crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients to enhance overall well-being. 

The RAKxa Wellness Spa at Castelfalfi

Castelfalfi, which opened in March 2024, combines heritage with modern luxury across 2,700 acres of vineyards, olive groves, and a restored hamlet. Nestled between Pisa, Florence, and Siena, it offers artisanal shops, cafes, and the newly relaunched Castelfalfi Spa for unparalleled wellness.

View of Castelfalfi Village [Source: Unslapsh]

In an exclusive partnership with RAKxa from Bangkok, the Castelfalfi’s RAKxa Wellness Spa—a holistic haven with:

  • Seven treatment rooms, 
  • Two saunas, 
  • Turkish bath
  • Sensory shower, and 
  • Infinity pool
  • Tailored programs rooted in ancient Thai wisdom and modern therapies. 
  • Renowned ESPA and Maria Galland Paris treatments

Worth noting is that Castelfalfi is CasaClima certified, meaning that the estate boasts innovative water harvesting and wood biomass heating, ensuring a responsible luxury experience that preserves Tuscany's natural beauty. 

[Source: Courtesy of Castelfalfi - https://www.castelfalfi.com/landing/rakxa-wellness-spa]

Borgo Santo Pietro’s Holistic Spa

Situated in the heart of Tuscany, Borgo Santo Pietro is a five-star, 800-year-old luxury farmhouse hotel and estate that continues its legacy as a sanctuary for the modern soul. It once served as a healing stopover for Medieval pilgrims.

Enfolded within the Borgo estate is the Holistic Spa, a luxury wellness retreat and a true healing sanctuary. From start to finish, you are encouraged to unwind, luxuriate in treatments, and savor the cathartic ambiance. Some of the rituals to expect are:

  • Fresh daily tea infusion made from therapeutic herbs like mint, melissa, or lemon thyme picked from the garden just outside, on arrival
  • Each session begins with a private consultation,
  • Oil ritual where clients select an essence from organic oils inspired by Borgo's signature flowers: lavender, neroli, rose, and jasmine. 

Every private wellness spa room has its shower, toilet facilities, and heated therapy table to ensure exclusive privacy and comfort. The tranquil atmosphere is enhanced by controlled room temperature and soothing music.

[Source: Courtesy of Borgo Santo Pietro - https://borgosantopietro.com/luxury-spa-resort-tuscany/]

For those seeking treatments amidst nature, curtained therapy beds are available in the spa gardens, allowing guests to enjoy their therapies surrounded by the serenity of the outdoors.

COMO Castello Del Nero Shamhala Spa

Set amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, COMO Castello Del Nero is a haven for art, history, and wellness enthusiasts. This 12th-century castle features stunning Renaissance frescoes and contemporary interiors designed by the acclaimed Paola Navone. Indulge in the luxurious therapies offered at the COMO Shambhala Retreat and savor Michelin-starred dining that highlights farm-to-table Tuscan produce.

These venues also collaborate with renowned wellness brands such as La Prairie and Comfort Zone to ensure the highest quality in their treatments.

Tuscany's aesthetic beauty enhances the wellness experience, making every moment spent in these spas a feast for the senses. Villa Biondi, a charming country manor within the Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco estate, nestled in Tuscany's renowned Val de Orcia region, provides an idyllic base for wellness vacations in Tuscany. Guests can experience the therapeutic hot springs at nearby Bagno Vignoni or indulge in luxurious spa treatments featuring local Tuscan ingredients like olive oil, grapes, and lavender. 

Villa Biondi’s pool & poolhouse in Montalcino 


Liquid Gold: the hydrating and anti-aging power of locally sourced olive oil

View from the town of Assisi, Umbria, Italy [Source: Unsplash]

Known as the "green heart of Italy," this region provides an idyllic backdrop for wellness experiences emphasizing natural beauty and holistic health. Umbria’s spas often receive acclaim for their innovative use of local ingredients and commitment to sustainability.

Treatments in Umbria often highlight the region's rich natural resources. Indulge in therapies using locally sourced olive oil, known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, or experience the luxurious benefits of truffles in unique skin treatments. 

Borgo Brufa Aemotio SPA 

The spa architecture effortlessly merges with its surroundings, utilizing natural elements and rustic-chic aesthetics to elevate the tranquil ambiance. Borgobrufa Spa is a wellness temple designed to regenerate both body and mind, helping you rediscover profound sensations and authentic emotions. This exclusive sanctuary offers diverse rituals, private spa experiences, and complete mental and physical rejuvenation treatments.

[Source: Courtesy of Borgobrufa - https://www.borgobrufa.it/en/]

Among specialized offerings are:

  • Salt treatments, baths, and packs (they utilize salt minerals' skin-enhancing properties to release toxins, combat water retention, and invigorate the skin).
  • Body packs on a water bed with Personalized Chromotherapy, finishing with a Vichy shower rinse
  • Olive Oil Body Wrap - for deep skin nourishment and revitalization  

Borgo Brufa Spa Resort has been awarded for its eco-friendly practices and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape. 

Whether you seek spiritual solace, therapeutic spa treatment, artistic inspiration, or simply a moment of peaceful reflection in Umbria, Convento Viandante del Cielo offers an unparalleled escape into the heart of Italy's soulful countryside. This ancient convent, shrouded in mystique and history, exudes an enchanting charm that immediately captivates. Its weathered stone walls and arched corridors evoke tales of centuries past, while the impeccably tended gardens offer a tranquil retreat bathed in the golden hues of the Umbrian sun. The convent's elevated location provides breathtaking panoramic views of rolling hills and verdant valleys, creating a celestial ambiance that lives up to its name, "Traveler of the Sky." 

Gardens of Convento Viadandante del Cielo


Oceanic Oasis: revitalize with thalassotherapy and marine-based treatments

South Sardinia, Italy [Source: Unsplash]

The island’s coastal spas provide a serene sanctuary where you can indulge in thalassotherapy, a signature Sardinian spa service, and other marine-based treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize. Thalassotherapy is a treatment utilizing seawater and marine products. Sardinia’s coastal spas feature state-of-the-art thalassotherapy pools, private beach access, and wellness programs that integrate the healing properties of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Pure Seven Spa at 7 Pines

Pure Seven Spa in Sardinia is a sanctuary of wellness and relaxation, nestled around a lush, green courtyard oasis. This serene haven offers an array of tranquil rooms and environments where rejuvenating treatments soothe and re-energize both body and mind. Inspired by Sardinia's uplifting scenery and rich culture, Pure Seven embraces a holistic physical and mental wellness approach. 

[Source: Courtesy of 7 Pines - https://7pines-sardinia.com/en/spa-wellness]

Guests can indulge in:

  • Spa treatments 
  • Beauty services  
  • Mindfulness sessions 

designed to harmonize modern and ancient practices. In this pure and serene setting, connection with nature is celebrated through organic, vegan, and paraben-free ingredients, providing an unparalleled experience of tranquility and renewal.

Delphina Wellness Thalassotherapy

Escape to a world of wellness and relaxation at the elegant SPAs of Delphina Hotels and Resorts in Sardinia. Embracing the captivating allure of Costa Smeralda, the wellness center provides a rejuvenating retreat amidst the Mediterranean's fragrant splendor, all with breathtaking views of North Sardinia's crystal-clear waters. Opt for a wellness day at Delfinia’s Thalassotherapy centers,  enveloped in the island’s vibrant colors and aromas, where the utmost tranquility awaits.

The luxurious experience at Villa H2O, a dazzling oasis in the heart of Sardinia's captivating Lu Impostu, perfectly complements the island’s wellness scene. After a day of spa indulgence, return to the tranquil elegance of Villa H2O, where you can unwind on the pristine shorelines or enjoy the vibrant seaside village.

Villa H2O in Lu Impostu, Sardinia


Lemon Delight Ritual harnesses the antioxidant properties of Amalfi lemons to provide a revitalizing body scrub and hydrating mask.

Spas along the Amalfi Coast offer unparalleled luxury and exclusivity. These locations' historical significance and breathtaking beauty add an extra layer of allure. The architecture of these spas often incorporates traditional Italian design elements, enhancing the overall atmosphere and creating a seamless blend of elegance and tranquility. Amalfi Coast spas are celebrated for their signature treatments that utilize the natural benefits of local ingredients.

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa 

At Monastero Santa Rosa, the "Lemon Delight Ritual" utilizes the antioxidant properties of Amalfi lemons in a revitalizing body scrub and hydrating mask. It is perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean, featuring infinity pools and serene gardens. 

The Spa at Le Sirenuse

The Spa at Le Sirenuse offers a sanctuary of tranquility where mind and body reach a state of bliss. It features:

  • Rejuvenating massages
  • Revitalizing facials by Margy’s Monte Carlo 
  • Restorative eye therapy by Margy’s Monte Carlo 
  • holistic therapies, steam baths
  • emotional showers (set aside for couples)
  • Aromatherapy rituals
  • Reflexology
  • Body rehydration and detoxification 

using organic AVEDA products inspired by Ayurvedic practices 

  • Acupressure
  • exfoliation peels using Mediterranean ingredients 

Unwind in luxurious facilities like the sauna, steam room, and indoor pool with stunning Amalfi Coast views. Designed by architect Gae Aulenti, the spa’s minimalist decor promotes tranquility, complemented by Franco Sersale’s evocative photographs.

[Source: Courtesy of Le Sirenuse - https://sirenuse.it/en/wellness-at-le-sirenuse/spa-positano/]

For an unparalleled rejuvenating wellness experience on the Amalfi Coast, choose to stay in Villa Lilly, a pristine luxury estate perched on a stunning cliffside in the lively town of Praiano. This gem of the Amalfi Coast is renowned for its breathtaking sea views and is the region's largest private resort with beach access. Revered as an epitome of Italian coastal highlife living, Villa Lilly offers an unparalleled vacation experience.

Aerial view of Villa Lilly


Diamond Sublime Rejuvenating Treatment Unveils Radiance with Diamond Powder and Botanical Extracts

Situated along the beautiful coastline of Forte dei Marmi, these spas create an idyllic environment designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. Each resort in Forte dei Marmi offers standout treatments that set them apart. From one-on-one wellness coaching sessions to detoxification programs and innovative skincare treatments, visitors can anticipate tailored experiences centered around their health.

Egoista SPA at Principe Forte dei Marmi

At Egoista Spa, a wide range of treatments and carefully selected high-quality cosmetics are offered to meet the needs of discerning guests. This dedication makes this spa a sought-after destination for wellness enthusiasts worldwide due to its high-tech dimension with cutting-edge treatments like:

  • Endospheres 
  • CRYO-SLIM - the therapy effectively exploits the alternation of heat and cold, creating a thermal shock. 
  • Venus Freeze treatments 
  • Intraceuticals treatments
  • Facial treatments using the prestigious French brand Ericson Laboratoire, known for its highly specialized face and body cosmetics
[Source: Courtesy of Principe Forte dei Marmi]

When in Forte dei Marmi, there is no better way to experience its luxuries than by staying at La Datch Forte dei Marmi, a glorious heritage estate. A short stroll from the enchanting golden sands of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this magnificent Palazzo embodies the essence of la dolce vita. Experience the romantic charm of Tuscan coastal living wrapped into a holistic experience. 

Spa and Wellness of La Datcha Forte dei Marmi 

We urge you to discover the ultimate in luxury spa treatments and wellness retreats across Italy with LVH. Our mission is to create magical vacation experiences, ensuring you stay in exceptional homes while enjoying a customized itinerary tailored to your desires. Recognizing the value of your time, we invite you to contact one of our client relations professionals today to begin planning your dream destination vacation or special holistic event. Let LVH turn your travel aspirations into immeasurable moments.

A thermal bath in Italy 
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