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Making the Most out of the Maldives

June 26, 2018

You haven’t truly experienced luxury until you’ve spent a vacation in the Maldives. This tropical paradise is filled with stunning white-sand beaches and an underwater world just waiting to be explored.



Everything is pretty laid-back in the Maldives, except the densely crowded mercantile heart of the nation - Male. The Maldivian capital may be small, but it is filled with activity. You will be able to get a real feel for the Maldives, away from the tourism. It is quite the quirky area, abundant of cafes and restaurants that are alcohol-free and shops and markets that hold Maldivian character. Come to Male if you want the authentic Maldivian experience.


Diving with the hammers

Stop by Hammerhead Point to have a thrill of a lifetime. Also known as Rasdhoo Madivaru, this area is in high demand for diving on an outer reef filled with hammerhead sharks, mantas and other amazing aquatic friends. Don’t worry about having trouble seeing the animals because the water is crystal clear. Get ready to dive before dawn to have the best chance of sightings.


Swimming with a whale shark

If you find yourself in South Ari Atoll, you might just come across a whale shark. It is a Protected Marine Area known for its exceptional diving and captivating beaches. The water is filled with nutrients that welcomes many ocean-going creatures and divers from around the world. However, you won’t need to dive deep to see these fascinating animals.


Hanifaru Bay

No diving allowed here, but snorkeling is encouraged to get a chance to see the incredible sea creatures the bay has to offer. Manta rays and whale sharks use the bay as a feeding and breeding ground, so you have an excellent chance of spotting them. If you aren’t much of a diver, this is a top choice for all your snorkeling endeavors.

The Maldives opens the doors to many spectacular opportunities to be one with the ocean. Wherever you go, you are bound to see some friendly creatures swimming by. Don’t skip out on the chance to explore the underwater world and the Maldivian culture. It’s best if you just dive right in!

Haylee Tuason

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