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N°5 Inspires Chanel’s Newest Jewelry Collection

February 04, 2022

The name Chanel is equated with everything elegant, classy, refined, sophisticated and high-fashion. When it comes to its fragrances, nothing is more associated with the Chanel brand than its classic N°5. It stands to reason, then, that one of the world’s most respected fashion houses should model its most recent 123-piece jewelry collection after the scent many women still call their signature.

What has been born by having married what the iconic Chanel N°5 espouses to the house’s fine jewelry creation studio is nothing short of spectacular. Chanel says the fragrance was distilled into five timeless jewelry motifs: The bottle, the stopper, the number, the flowers and the ethereal fragrance trail.

The Bottle Necklace

The Bottle Necklace's focal point is a 55.55-carat brilliant white diamond that looks like N°5’s classic bottle.

The piece de resistance of the collection is a diamond necklace – the focal point of which is a 55.55-carat brilliant white, eternally flawless octagonal diamond used to fashion what looks like N°5’s classic bottle. Director of Chanel’s Fine Jewelry Creation Studio Patrice Leguéreau said he did not want the N°5 High Jewelry collection to be just a tribute, but a journey into what he believes constitutes the very soul and secrets of the N°5 perfume.

Unlike the other pieces within the N°5 collection, the necklace will be kept as part of the brand’s private cache to signify the “unbreakable ties” that have united the Chanel High Jewelry division in Place Vendôme along with the recognizable N°5 perfume. To get a look at the collection from its place of birth, say the word and LVH can arrange a luxurious trip for you to Paris!

Other Baubles

The Trail Necklace

Other meticulously designed jewelry pieces in this collection include a pair of diamond chandelier earrings, one of which drops from a “5”; The white and yellow gold Bubbly Stopper Chanel bracelet set with a 47.06-carat, emerald-cut imperial topaz –the color that recalls the scent’s notes of amber – highlighted with cultured pearls mimicking wee drops of liquid; a diamond-encrusted jasmine petal ring in yellow gold; the Eternal N°5 necklace; Eternal N°5 transformable Chanel earrings; Eternal N°5 ring and many more amazing pieces.

The N°5 collection, the largest of its kind, according to Leguéreau – and the first Chanel jewelry to honor a fragrance – is currently available to High Jewelry clients worldwide.

The Flower Ring

To see the latest delicious creations from the world of high fashion first-hand, heading to the world’s major fashion centers – Milan, Paris, New York or London – just makes sense. We can make that happen – from elite accommodations to an exclusive, personal itinerary. Sit back, relax and leave the planning magic to LVH!

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