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New Luxe Whisky Blends Craft and Imagination

March 07, 2022

The marriage of Scotch whisky maker Royal Salute and British haute couture designer Richard Quinn is one which has created a truly heavenly spirit.

The newest addition to Royal Salute’s brand is its 21-year-old Royal Salute x Richard Quinn whisky. The absolutely stunning hand-blown crystal decanter from Dartington Crystal, is limited to 200 pieces and features Quinn’s hand-painted bold florals and gold leaf detailing. It’s presented in a matching silk pocket square. Every inch of the vessel is a tribute to the beauty, craftsmanship and rarity of couture.

Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn graduated from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins Arts and Design School before winning ‘British Emerging Talent – Womenswear’ at the 2018 Fashion Awards, as well as the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. Vibrant florals, heavy pearls and a fresh take on latex signal Quinn’s signature style.

“Combining so many different skills in one place to make something as beautiful as this edition, from the decanter to the silk pocket square and the blend itself, has been a dream for me,” Quinn said.


Royal Salute x Richard Quinn whisky is available at luxury retailers worldwide for US$12,000, with only 200 decanters released. Decanter No. 1, which has been signed by Quinn, is available as an NFT on BlockBar.com, the world’s first direct-to-consumer NFT marketplace for fine wines and spirits.

Simply put, the way BlockBar works in the new crypto currency era is people enter an online lobby with their virtual wallets, showing they have the funds to purchase the item. From those present a participant is chosen at random to “win” the item and is then free to keep the product in a wallet for as long as they want or retrieve the item in physical form, have it stored at a Fort Knox location or re-sell for financial gain. Only products acquired from brands themselves are dropped on BlockBar, so their authenticity can be traced to the genuine source. This is another valuable channel for high-net-worth individuals.

Royal Salute House of Quinn whisky [Source: luxuriousmagazine.com]

The Whisky

Royal Salute’s Master Blender Sandy Hyslop used 31 fine malts – one for each year of Quinn’s age at the time of the blend’s release, resulting in a fruity, fragrant blend. A meticulously intricate process that requires a talented master blender to reach the exact desired profile, harmonizing a myriad of malts to create a delicate finish.

Nose – Hints of ripe fruit such as mango, banana, apricot and orange with a creamy vanilla and a touch of cinnamon spice;

Palate – Luxurious notes of blossom honey complemented by chocolate and hazelnut with a slight oak spice with a subtle smokiness enveloped by flavors of syrup-soaked peaches and smooth cream;

Finish – Rich and long, with enduring honey sweetness.

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