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Planning Early? Summer Luxury Vacation Guide to Hamptons

January 21, 2020

Despite being only an hour and a half from New York City, the Hamptons dishes a refreshing departure to the busy streets of the Big Apple. Windswept dunes, surfer-friendly ocean swells, plush rental mansions like the ones we at LVG Global rent out to elite luxury vacation travellers and a quaint setting are just some of the Hampton's allure that attract visitors—especially writers and artists who found heaps of inspiration here. To maximize your vacation, here are some exciting things to do in the Hamptons.

Must-do Things in the Hamptons

Snap an Instagrammable Image of Montauk Point Lighthouse

Although the Hamptons is filled with many picturesque spots, the Montauk Point Lighthouse has become a popular place for visitors to have their money-souvenir-shot. The lighthouse was built towards the end of the 1700s, so it is also good to learn about its history after snapping that Instagrammable picture.

Tour the 17th-century Shelter Island Estate

Hire a local tour guide to take you around the historic Sylvester Manor—a 17th century plantation now operating as an Educational Farm. This is a very scenic place with a lot of history to tell.

Visit Jackson Pollock’s House

One of the artists who was charmed by the Hamptons was prominent painter Jackson Pollock. His home and studio in East Hampton houses some of his greatest works, as well as a collection of his mementos that gives a peek to the Hampton way of life in the 1950s.

Go Surfing in the Hamptons

Known for its glitz and glamour—thanks to occasional celebrity sightings—the Hamptons is also a well-known surfing destination blessed with good swells especially at these popular surf spots: Ditch Plains, Turtle Cove and Camp Hero in Montauk, Dune road in Westhampton Beach and Shinnecock Inlet in Southampton.

Feast on Local Cuisine

The Hamptons is an underrated foodie haven. Part of Hamptons’ many hidden charms are cafes and restaurants serving a medley of local and global cuisines. There's Navy Beach in Montauk, where diners enjoy signature dishes like jumbo lump crab cakes, crispy octopus and more. You can belly-up for quick grabs at Rushmeyer—a hip bar—or at La Fondita for some Mexican food. There's also 75 Main, a known Southampton food institution where celebrities like to dine.

Other must-eat places in the Hamptons include the following: Clam and Chowder House, Harvest on Fort Pond in Montauk, Round Swamp Farm, Rowdy Hall, Amber Waves Farm and Serafina in East Hampton, Hampton Chutney Co., Tutto il Giorno, Silver Lining Diner in Southampton and Cowfish in Hamptons Bays.

Shop for Souvenirs

Image Courtesy: Amagansett Square 

The Amagansett Square is a one-stop haven for tourists looking to shop for souvenirs. Located in a neighborhood park filled with boutique stalls, it is an ideal place to also hang out eating and drinking with friends. Other places to shop for unique finds are: RRL Store and Figue in East Hampton and One Kings Lane Summer Shop in Downtown Southampton.

If you have more time…

If you have more free time to explore in the Hamptons, then you can explore these other places:

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center at Riverhead to learn more about the ecology of the region.

Bhumi Farms in East Hampton--a non-profit local organic farm for some fruit and vegetable harvesting experience.

Noah's Ark Project in Walter Mill to check out a collection of astonishing sculpture artworks

Where to Stay

There are many rental homes in the Hamptons. To make your travel planning easier, check out our list of luxurious properties at the Hamptons here:

Best Time to Visit the Hamptons

If you want to avoid the crowds, best for you to visit the Hamptons before the tourists start arriving during Memorial Day or toward the end of the summer season. Generally, the whole summer period is the best time to visit the Hamptons. Winter season brings in cold weather—so avoid the holiday months unless you really want the cold.


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