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Ramp up Your Golf Game with the 2022 Honma Beres Aizu and Black Collections

January 26, 2022

It takes a lot of time practicing and more time on the green to become an accomplished golfer. But it might take something else, too – exceptional equipment, including some of the best golf clubs on the market today.

Japan-based high-luxe golf brand, Honma, has been making its mark in North America and has not gone unnoticed by elite, avid golfers. Clubs in the 2022 Honma Beres Aizu and Black Collection are so beautiful, you’d almost be tempted to have them in your home hanging on the wall. They’re truly works of art and apparently they perform better than they look, so you’re in for a treat on any course.

The Same, But Different

The two different labels in this latest line under the Beres brand, have the same internal technologies but completely different looks. The Beres Aizu – named for its traditional hand-brushed coating technique used to decorate bowls and other paintings – features distinctive red and gold accents and authentic designs on the crowns and cavity backs of woods and irons. Drivers run about USD$5,000 each, and a set of eight irons are approximately USD$40,000, depending on customization. Beres Black features a more modern black PVD aimed at moderate to slower swing speeds. Woods and irons in each line utilize slots in the soles creating consistently deeper face deflection at impact to get better ball speed. The iron lines also use L-shaped face design that wraps around the sole to improve launch and distance.

“This new line represents the latest breakthrough technology for golfers with moderate to modest swing speeds,” said Honma North America Chief Operating Officer (COO) Janeann Lanning. “Beres Aizu and Black allow golfers to make pure, stable swings with enhanced speed and powerful ball flight.”

Beres Aizu

Beres Aizu carries on the fine craftsmanship and design of Honma in collaboration with Japanese Aizu artists. Dating back to 1590, Aizu paintings represent Honma’s Japanese heritage and tradition. With Aizu’s signature red and ornate gold accents, Beres Aizu encompasses Takumi expertise as well as the industry’s most technologically advanced construction in golf clubs. Lanning said Aizu will appeal to players with an artistic flair and respect for Japanese craftsmanship.

Beres Aizu golf clubs with 24-carat gold and platinum accents [Source:]

Beres Black

If you want something a little more sedate, yet still makes a huge impact on the course, Beres Black offers sleek, timeless elegance and design. Beautifully shaped drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons efficiently transfer energy and generate consistent ball flight. Each club head is coated with a jet-black PVD process for an eye-catching finish. Black brings a modern, refined look for players who value performance and style without compromise, Lanning said. The Black line includes driver, $1,150; fairway wood, $700; hybrid, $550; and irons, $500 per iron. Prices are in US dollars. Of course, this sleek and modern set is our personal favorite, as we feel it matches our own elegance.

Honma Beres Black elite golf clubs [Source:]

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