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Shopping Large in Marrakech

March 14, 2022

Five things you really need to bring home with you

Marrakech shopping is known to be among the best in the world and also the most fun. Looking for the right items comes with a cornucopia of sights, smells and sounds. There are a number of Moroccan luxury products you really shouldn’t leave the country without to impart some true Moroccan style into your own home. There are certain shopping destinations that never fall out of favor with elite travelers. And new places are making the list all the time – like Marrakech.

Marrakech definitely has no shortage of things to buy. The trick, as always, is knowing what's actually worthy of suitcase space and how to find it. At LVH, we can arrange a professional shopping guide who won’t waste your time taking you to places that don’t interest you, but only to places matching your retail wishes.

Here are five things we suggest you add to your shopping list while in Marrakech:


Gorgeous rugs here are made by local artisans in various tribal styles. Rug shopping is a real experience, so going with a guide who speaks the language may be a good option. Plan on spending a couple hours being shown piece after piece while being saturated with mint tea. Moroccan rugs are made of wool, you can test the authenticity simply by asking for a strand from the carpet and lighting it on fire. Wool will sizzle like hair, while synthetic fibers will melt like plastic. You can also dab a carpet with a wet cloth to make sure the fibers have been properly dyed. A bleeding carpet is the last thing you want on your floor.

You can find the most glorious rugs in Marrakech. They’re in all colors with tribal designs. [Source:]

Argan Oil

Argan trees thrive in Morocco, explaining why the area is ground zero for the "gold that grows on trees." There is one variety of argan nut goats find delicious and will actually climb the trees to get to. Not only good for hair, argan oil can be used on the body and Argan trees thrive in Morocco, explaining why the area is ground zero for the "gold that grows on trees." There is one variety of argan nut goats find delicious and will actually climb the trees to get to. Not only good for hair, argan oil can be used on the body and face; culinary versions exist letting you experiment with the Moroccan habit of including it as a dip for bread (in the same way you would use olive oil).

Making pure argan oil in Marrakech [Source:]


Worn for everyday use and as formal garb, including weddings, Marrakech knows caftans well. Imagine how you'd ideally wear one – whether a breezy cotton style pulled on at the beach or a richly embroidered piece styled for the evening – and then hunt out quality. The higher-end makers are the ones tucked behind more demure doorsteps (the opposite of the stalls with bright synthetic styles flapping in the air). A custom-designed, tailor-made caftan is a thing of exceptional beauty.

Your LVH team will find a tailor to ensure your perfect fit and make alterations as needed, or you can custom-design your own and then have your custom style sent to Villa Gemma, the gloriously chic, private home where you will be staying. When it comes to Marrakech luxury villas, Villa Gemma is the cream of the crop. This home offers all the modern amenities such as an outdoor, heated pool; hot tub; theater; massage room; hammam; sauna; gym and elevator. It can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests.

A highly intricate, beautifully tailored, custom made-in-Marrakech caftan. [Source:]


When in Marrakech you’ll undoubtedly experience an unforgettable array of aromas, whether it’s wafting from the souks, local restaurants or bustling food stalls down the labyrinth of alleyways in the ancient medina. So, why not take some of these delicious local spices home with you to recreate some of your favorite traditional dishes at home? If you are unsure about what to buy, go for the speciality called “Ras El Hanout,” meaning, “head of the shop,” where you’ll get more than 30 mixed spices to take home. And you can find Ras El Hanout just about anywhere selling brilliantly colored spices, petals and leaves. Ras El Hanout usually includes paprika, cumin, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, aniseed, dried ginger, peppercorn and turmeric, with whole spices, dried roots and leaves all ground together. If you’re looking for the best quality spices, we recommend visiting Rahba Kedima, the apothecaries square in Marrakech, surrounded with multi-colored spice stalls, or Apothicaire Tuareg, where you’ll find day-to-day spices and natural remedies.

Delve into the world of Moroccan spices in Marrakech [Source:]

A Yahya Creation

London born Yahya Rouach (whose father is Moroccan) discovered the universe of sculpturing light and metalwork on a trip to Marrakech. In 2005, he opened a workshop there and has grown to be one of the most-revered light and metalwork artists in the world. His boutique in the Royal Mansour Hotel features his stunning and intricate designs. Lighting options range from full-length installations suitable for large villas to small, intricate candle holders creating the most beautifully intricate patterns when illuminated.

Stunning lighting creations by Yahya Rouach. His boutique is in the Royal Mansour Hotel in Marrakech. [Source:]

When you want to get away to an exotic destination, Marrakech would certainly fulfill your desire. When you leave the planning to LVH, you will not only be staying in an elite, private home with full services and constant support, but you will also have a custom-made itinerary including totally captivating experiences. We strive for your total enjoyment while vacationing with us. We work hard to make sure everything meets or exceeds your expectations. We’re only happy when you are. We invite you to contact one of our client relations professionals who will begin the process to get you to magical, mystical Marrakech for the most fascinating trip ever!

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