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Soak Up the Good Life, ‘La Dolce Vita’, in Italy this Summer

May 27, 2022

If you are still undecided about your summer vacation destination, you might want to give serious thought to a place that has it all – breathtaking coastal vistas, undulating hills teeming with vineyards, urban chic cities beckoning adventure. Italy. It’s one of the most popular places elite travelers choose to visit. Italian luxury travels can make some of the most cherished lifelong memories. La Dolce Vita: A sweet life full of beauty, pleasures, good music, fantastic food – it’s all a part of Italian culture and you can drink it all this summer.

From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the metropolitan excitement of Milan and Rome, the postcard perfection of the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como, and the lush vineyards of Tuscany – Italy is a luxe traveler’s dream. The country’s irresistible distinctive areas may tempt you to soak up all it has to offer:

Captivating Culture

Italy’s culture is incredibly fascinating. Regardless of the region you’re visiting, you can enjoy spending time as the Italians do, indulging in delicious cuisine, shopping for the latest fashions, enjoying numerous festivals and entertainment options and more. Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music and food. Home of the Roman Empire and its legendary figures such as Julius Caesar and Nero, it was also a major center of the Renaissance.

The culture in Italy is one of enjoying the finer things in life.

Phenomenal Architecture and Art

If you love art and architecture at all, you undoubtedly need to visit Italy. Rome, Florence, Verona and Venice are among the many cities that boast exquisite architecture and famous art works. If you’re into beautiful interiors and sculptures, then Rome is a must. Every few feet you wander, you’ll come across a spectacular basilica.

The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

A Rich History

Italy has an incredibly rich and fascinating history, so you will certainly have plenty to explore. From cathedrals and basilicas to arenas, forums, and piazzas, every region has something fascinating to see and do. Italy is a wonderful place for exploration and education. There are some very unique places to explore that are not so much on the tourist radar such as The Museo Storico Nazionale Dell’ Arte Sanitaria in Rome – one of the most important, yet well-hidden museums dedicated to the history of medicine or Museo Faggiano in Lecce where one man’s quest to repair his toilet led to the unearthing of more than 5,000 artifacts spanning more than 2,000 years of history.

The ancient city of Venice.

A Luscious Culinary Scene

Italy is among the top countries in the world when it comes to fabulous cuisine, so if you consider yourself somewhat of a food aficionado you will be in your element. From authentic Italian pasta and pizza to delicious soups, breads, and desserts, you will be in culinary heaven when you visit this country. While you really can’t go wrong eating anywhere in Italy, diving into some of the country’s lesser-visited regions may ensure you get a taste of true Italian ingredients and recipes. Whether it be pork in Umbria, truffles in Piedmont or pizza in Campania, get ready to discover some of the world’s best cuisine with wine to match.

No matter where you go in Italy, fine dining is part of the culture.

Winning Wines

Italy has more than 4,000 years of winemaking experience and a near-perfect climate for producing winemaking grapes. It's no secret why their wines are so highly sought-after. Winemaking is embedded in Italian culture and is considered a valuable part of the nation's history. The country’s vineyards come with 400 grape varietals, and each variety is utilized to produce elegant wines. Italy has also produced three of the most renowned grape classifications – Trebbiano, Montepulciano, and Sangiovese.

Diverse Environments

Italy has a wide variety of diverse environments, so finding the perfect place for your vacation won’t be difficult. You can explore bustling cities such as the capital of Rome, relax in breathtaking areas such as Lake Como and Lake Garda, visit any of the numerous wine regions, and even spend time frolicking on pristine beaches. There are mountains and turquoise lakes in the north, beautiful, sunny beaches in the south and endless rolling hills of vineyards all melding to create this beautiful and diverse country. Lake Como is wonderful to swim in with crystal clear water that has average summer temperatures between 21-26 degrees Celsius.

The ancient and magical town of Blevio on Lake Como.

Unique and Prestigious Heritage Home

Lake Como is one of the most popular destinations and when spending any amount of time in the area, the place to stay is certainly the most private and elite Villa Imperatore in Blevio with its exquisite waterfront location. This dazzling luxury villa on Lake Como can accommodate up to 14 guests who will delight in the outdoor pool sipping their favorite beverages while admiring the spectacular view over the lake.

The absolutely breathtaking vista at Villa Imperatore on Lake Como.

Stunning Beaches

Are you worried you’ll miss out on some beach time if you choose such a culturally rich country? Don’t be. Italy is lined with stunning beaches and coastal views. From the region of Genoa to those of Gallipoli and Otranto, Italy is lined with white sandy beaches perfect for a summer holiday. And remember the lesser visited islands of Sardinia and Sicily! There are some absolutely spectacular beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It is a genteel and luscious spot to spend some time.

A spectacular morning on a beach in Sardinia.

Tremendous Attractions

When it comes to sites and attractions, you will find plenty to keep you busy and entertained in Italy. The country has a huge variety of attractions that are enjoyable, exciting, educational, and more. Whether you want to spend time exploring natural beauty or you’d rather explore historic sites, museums, art galleries and more, you can look forward to a full and fascinating itinerary.

An intricate staircase at the Vatican.

Exclusive Shopping in Milan

Milan, is without a doubt, one of the go-top luxury shopping destinations in the world, particularly when it comes to fashion. If you are searching for the latest designer offerings, you can find labels here like Versace, Prada, Armani, and Dolce&Gabbana, among others. A definite go-to is the quadrilatero d’oro, or “the golden quadrilateral” consisting of four thoroughfares full of luxurious shops: Via della Spiga, Via Montenapoleone, Via Alessandro Manzoni, and Corso Venezia. You also should take in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele – one of the oldest shopping malls in the world, and even if you don’t find something in one of the many luxury shops here, it is worth walking through to appreciate its architectural beauty. On one side, you’ll find Milan’s opera house, and on the other you’ll find the Duomo. Corso Vittorio Emanuele II connects Piazza Duomo to Piazza San Babila, and there are plenty of boutiques and shops along the way. This is where you’ll find the luxury department store, La Rinascente.

Milan is the ideal place for a luxury shopping outing.

A Milanese Urban Chic Townhouse

You may want to spend some time in Milan shopping and investigating other things the city has to offer in which case you will want to stay in one of the most luxurious residences in Milan – Townhouse Michel. With four spacious bedrooms to accommodate nine guests, this residence provides contemporary beauty in the heart of Milan’s Fashion District. This home is tasteful, seductive, and nocturnal, flaunting exceptionally streamlined cabinetry, with silver trim and decor rife with high fashion glamor. You will delight in exquisite urban views over the dazzling Renaissance-era center from the comforts of the expansive rooftop terrace. An elaborate waterfall feature conjoins the multi-level outdoor space curating an otherworldly evening ambiance. There is an outdoor pool, hot tub and your own elevator.

The urban chic ambiance of Townhouse Michel is the pinnacle of contemporary opulence in the heart of Milan.

Whatever your likes are, LVH can fashion the perfect itinerary for you and your family for a luxury vacation in Italy. The list is endless: wine tours, day trips, shopping, cultural events, shows – we are limited only by your imagination. We invite you to reach out to one of our experienced client relations team members who will begin planning the most amazing time in Italy for you. Not only will you be staying in the most luxurious accommodations with full services and around-the-clock support, but you will be making magical memories to last a lifetime.

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