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Sustainable Luxury Travel is Not an Oxymoron

September 09, 2022

Traveling luxuriously and being earth-friendly

We are all sharing this planet. No matter what our social status or lot in life, each of us has the obligation to leave this earth as we found it or better than when we began our journeys here.

Thankfully, luxury and eco-friendly travel can and does co-exist. For uncompromising travelers, discovering new places and having memorable adventures is an extremely important link to staying grounded in what is often a highly stressful and hectic everyday life. Elite travelers don’t have to give up the things they enjoy when on vacation to leave a light footprint on the planet.

When planning to travel, there are several factors to consider regarding where you choose to stay, your method of travel, activities you enjoy, even the luggage in which you choose to invest.

Informed Travel

When you want to be kind to Mother Earth, doing some research on destinations before choosing your next journey is a wise step. It is also wise to choose places that protect the biodiversity of the area and the natural habitat by not being overly intrusive or misusing natural resources. If preservation is prioritized and celebrated, the destination will also likely embrace local influences and celebrate its native people. Hiring local staff and investing in their training on sustainable practices is key.

Today, many airlines strive for sustainability by using less polluting biofuels. Travelers can also reduce their carbon footprints by purchasing offsets measuring carbon dioxide emitted by their travel, allowing them to voluntarily provide the equivalent in offset funding to environmental projects such as tree-planting initiatives.

Supporting initiatives like tree planting worldwide is one way of giving back to the environment.

Where You Stay

When you choose to stay at gorgeous private homes which have sustainable practices in place – like those offered at LVH – you will be contributing to the sustainable travel initiative. Sustainable luxury accommodations have a significant advantage: exclusivity. Usually, where there are fewer people, there is less toll on the environment. Pristine landscapes would be at risk from exploitation if not for the financial support of conscious elite travelers.

More owners of luxury homes realize the importance of using sustainable products and design in their builds. For instance, Villa Kaizen, built on the shores of Malibu by Kris Halliday, internationally acclaimed developer, designer, builder and president of Mansions by Kris Halliday (MKH Developments), is created using super-reinforced concrete – built to last for centuries – in excess of 400 or 500 years. It could potentially outlive ancient castles, especially with the new technology used for the building.

Since Southern California is known for having fires and earthquakes, Kaizen also has fire protection utilizing a full internal sprinkler system, roof flooding and exterior house irrigation controlled and powered off grid. Part of the mansion’s environmental friendliness includes a whole-home solar system (180 x 450kw panels) with full battery storage backup (equivalent to 50 tesla power walls) to power the home as well as 20 solar heating panels to heat the 100-foot-long infinity edge pool.

Heating and cooling are controlled naturally by self-regulation due to Kaizen’s insulation. Any heating and cooling required is powered by radiant floor heating and linear air diffusers over the windows and doors. This advanced system takes energy from the air and has the ability to heat and cool at the same time. For example, the pool can be heated while the home is cooled using the same energy. This is sustainability in droves.

Villa Kaizen, on Malibu’s stunning shores, is the epitome of sustainable luxury accommodation.

Making Sustainability a Choice

Going green has gained in popularity over the last few years. But it’s important these green claims are actually actionable, so travelers who really want to make a difference will do some homework and won’t be hesitant to ask questions when there are gaps in information. You may wish to ask about:

  • Energy reduction;
  • Sustainable food sourcing;
  • Waste reduction (including food waste);
  • Human rights;
  • Fair wages;
  • Responsible recruitment;
  • Support of biodiversity – even in city centres.

Look for targets, facts and figures, instead of nice-sounding claims. There are also so many activities you can choose on an eco-friendly trip. For instance, take tours that are limited to small groups and the tour operator is abiding by the principles of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere program covering the protection of wildlife by minimizing the negative impact of your activities. You don’t want your leisure activities causing unnecessary stress on animals and the environment.

Luxury travelers have more impact than they may realize. When you shift your awareness to the environment, the community and the impact you may have on them, you are in a position to affect real change.

LVH prides itself on working with organic and locally-sourced products. Sustainability is a high priority. When it is also a high priority for guests, LVH ensures trips are as eco-friendly as possible, such as an exclusive, unparalleled African Safari which can be arranged through us. Our aim is to give you the most rewarding, memorable getaways possible keeping your wishes at the forefront. Your tailor-made itinerary will be filled with only things you love and will remember forever. We invite you to contact one of our client relations team members today to discuss arranging an amazing vacation worthy of every moment away!

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