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Take Off in Style with The Bell 525 Relentless Luxury Helicopter

March 11, 2022

Getting to unique destinations like private islands can be somewhat of a chore, but that could easily be remedied with your own luxury helicopter. When going over long distances, you need an aircraft that will get you there – one that gets the best range and payload capabilities and that’s the glorious new luxury bird – The Bell 525 Relentless helicopter.

Aviation experts, Bell, have been reimagining the experience of flight for more than eight decades and the company has recently set a new standard for flight with the 525 Relentless chopper. This craft’s flexible cabin layouts, single-engine flyaway capability, superior payload, range performance and exceptional visibility all meet and exceed aviation standards.

One of the two possible interior design configurations for The Bell 525 Relentless luxury helicopter. [Source: jubilantenpro.com]

When soaring in the lap of luxury, getting to a private island destination like Little Pipe Cay is no effort at all. As a general rule, helicopters can land pretty much anywhere, but this island also has a helipad. Staying on your own island provides the epitome of privacy and luxury and Little Pipe Cay is the poster island for both. In the Exuma Cay Island chain, this Bahamas private island is a 38-acre slice of heaven. With 11 bedrooms, you can bring along up to 21 of your family members or friends. Amenities include transparent bottom kayaks, jet skis, a freshwater pool, and a hot tub. The island also features a dock for small and large boats and a mooring location for a superyacht.

Private island Little Pipe Cay, Bahamas

Incredibly Elite Cabin

It has a customizable 88-square-foot cabin with oversized swivel seating, conference layouts, and a mini galley. At first glance, you might not even realize it’s the inside of a helicopter! Passengers will fly in ultimate comfort while the crew will be flying using state-of-the-art equipment.

Modern Flight Technology

The Garmine G5000 in The Bell 525 sets a new standard for precise control of the craft. There are four high-definition displays, two touchscreen controls and all the flight information the pilot needs to command any environment. [Source: aeroexpo.online]

The 525 Relentless is the first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire cockpit featuring sidekick controls with an integrated touchscreen Garmin flight deck. Cruising speeds can reach 178 miles per hour and fly up to 575 miles without having to refuel. The aircraft also includes marinization to prevent corrosion from the harshest operating conditions.

Passenger comfort is enhanced with a quiet and smooth ride provided by the four LIVE® transmission mounts isolating main rotor vibrations before they enter the airframe. The optional Bell Active Vibration Control System also helps to ensure a smooth ride for the duration of the flight.


  • Passenger capacity: Up to 20 people
  • Mission: Passenger transport, offshore, business, rescue
  • Engine type: Turboshaft
  • Other characteristics: Single-rotor
  • Range: More than 1,000 kilometers
  • Payload: 1,000-5,000 kilograms

The asking price for The Bell 525 Relentless is US$15 million.

For one of the most idyllic vacations imaginable, a private island is the most prudent choice. Such a magnificent getaway could be just what you need to put the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you for a while to get the rest and relaxation you need for your body, mind and soul. We invite you to reach out to an LVH client relations team member who will begin planning your unspoiled private island respite where the only things on your to-do list are enjoying cocktails, playing in the sea, eating fine food and watching the night sky for falling stars!

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