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The Best Beaches of Mallorca

August 10, 2018

Pristine blue water and panoramic mountainous visuals -- you’ll find it all during your visit to Mallorca. This small island is home to a vast array of stunning beaches that will leave you in awe, and we’re providing you with the top must-visit beaches during your visit.


Es Calo des Moro Beach

The contrast of the clear turquoise water with the limestone mountains is truly breathtaking. Away from hotels and restaurants, this beach is tucked in a cove, allowing you to experience a serene and peaceful walk along the beach.


Sa Calobra Beach

You’ll find a wonderful sight of mountains, pebbles, and tunnels in this scenic beach. When taking a dip into the water you’ll see fish swimming around and sailboats off in the distance.


Cala Pi Beach

It’s like taking a walk in a fairytale – cliffs filled green trees and aqua water glistening in the sun. You’ll find that there are quite a few fellow tourists in the area, but nevertheless, it’s totally worth it!


Cala Formentor beach

Standing on the beach and gazing into the distance is like looking at a storybook. You’ll see sailboats calmy drifting in the water with mountains further in the distance. Stick around and wait for the sunset - that’s the best part!

Haylee Tuason

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