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The Crowning Glory of an Elite Vacation – Staying in a Castle!

May 12, 2023

And now for something completely different. Many elite travelers choose to spend their vacations in sunny spots or in areas where they can partake in an activity they love, like skiing. But have you ever considered something out of the ordinary that would not only set you in the lap of luxury, but have you feeling like you’re the king or queen of your own territory? For that ultimate fantasy, you might seriously consider staying in a castle!

Not only are these stately homes rife with history and charm, but they also are filled with the mystery and allure of the past which is hard to discount when planning a unique, exclusive trip.

It might be easier for you to stray off the beaten holiday path if you have some insight as to why a castle stay just might turn out to be the best trip you’ve ever taken. We have provided three castles for you to consider and why, at some point on your travels, staying in one really is a must!

The Castles

Belvoir Castle

Home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland and their five children, Belvoir Castle in the lush countryside of Leicestershire in the UK, is one of the most stunning examples of Regency architecture in the country. This particular castle is the fourth that has stood on the property, the first built in 1067. Past structures were destroyed by wars. The current castle was built between 1801-1832 for the 5th Duke and Duchess of Rutland. The castle has been featured in the television series, The Crown, as well as movies like The Da Vinci Code and Young Victoria. You can choose from 14 exquisitely appointed rooms at Belvoir, including the King’s rooms used by Royal Family members such as George IV, Edward VII and Queen Victoria.

One of the stately drawing rooms at Belvoir Castle
Historic Belvoir Castle

Chateau Ophelia

With 22 bedrooms to accommodate 44 guests, Chateau Ophelia will have you feeling like you’re on your own, private island, yet it’s just a 45-minute drive from Paris. The castle has never been open to the public, but you have the opportunity of staying within its walls that hold secrets of the ages. Chateau Ophelia is one of the most stunning moated medieval castles in France, restored to its original exquisiteness by its current owners. Not only will you be staying in an impeccably-appointed room, you will also have use of a spectacular 80-foot-long indoor heated pool, a billiard room, board game room, tennis courts, and two libraries, to name just a few amenities. For outdoor weddings, there is a sublime garden behind the chateau, complete with pergolas.

The main dining room at Chateau Ophelia
One of the beautifully-appointed bedrooms at Chateau de Vallery

Why Choose a Castle?

Experience the Authentic Past

Castles are overflowing with history. Nowhere other than staying at one can you get a real feeling of what life must have been like for the aristocracy centuries ago. Castles have records of what transpired on the property. You likely will be able to find such documents in the library, which all castles have. Staff will help you to find some very interesting information not only about the history of the structure, but of the area as well.

Privacy and Luxury

Castles are for travelers wanting total privacy with maximum comfort and luxury. These castles have been updated with modern features like central heating and electricity. Rooms have the most incredible pieces of furniture – most of them prized antiques and the most expensive linens and fabrics have been used for window treatments and bedding. Nothing in a castle is ordinary. Everything is of the highest quality.

Peace and Tranquility

You will actually be able to hear yourself think in such a quiet and peaceful setting. Whether you’re sitting in the breathtaking gardens or soaking in a hot bath, swimming in the pool or riding a horse on the grounds, the environment of a castle is incredibly meditative. Since your everyday life is most likely constantly teeming with things to do, give yourself the gift of stress relief and relaxation at an extravagant and exclusive castle!

Be Treated Like Royalty

Experience the feeling of being in a chapter right out of an Arthurian legend storybook. You will indeed have pulled the sword from the stone when you stay at a castle, no matter where it is located. They are harbingers of affluence where you will be treated like royalty. Whether you are seeking spa treatments, decadent meals, interesting activities – they are available in spades during a castle stay.

The Impression

If you would like to entertain family, friends or perhaps business associates, there is no better place to do so than at a palatial castle! A chateau is the ultimate venue to host a gala or a wedding and everyone is sure to be wowed not only by the beauty of the surroundings, but by the service and attentiveness of staff who will happily accommodate the wishes of you and your guests.

If you would like to spend your next holiday at a stunning castle, LVH can arrange it for you as quickly as your bags are packed! During your stay you will be treated like royalty with full services and 24/7 support. You can trust LVH to fashion a comprehensive itinerary for you complete with experiences you will find magical and which meet your vacation wishes. Dream big because we love making those dreams come true! We invite you to contact a member of our client relations team who will begin planning your next holiday where you will be wearing the crown!

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