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The New Luxury: Transformative Wellness Travel

December 22, 2022

Increasing numbers of ultra-high net worth travelers are seeking out destinations where wellness is high on the agenda. In this fast-paced, technological world the importance of health is a top priority and the link between body, mind and spirit has never before been more evident.

When one of the three integral parts of a human is out of sync with the rest, it’s not difficult to become depleted mentally and physically and many people understand the need to get away from it all to reconnect the self holistically.

North America and Europe still dominate the travel landscape when it comes to luxury getaways, however, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa are making inroads quickly. In fact, wellness trips to Asia grew by 33% in the last two years.

Diving Deep

When wellness is important to travelers, they’re not planning getaways in half measures. Those who specifically plan wellness vacations want the luxury of unplugging and focusing on experiences that transform them with trips that are emotionally life-changing. Statistics show, too, that elite travelers who seek this type of travel come in all age brackets. These experiences can show up in a myriad of ways:

  • Active journeys. Spa experiences that include natural landscapes and which offer a mixed bag of treatments such as yoga, pilates, massage, healthy eating, detoxing, and the like;
  • Becoming part of the story. The traveler becomes a character in an epic storyline based on a wellness journey;
  • Shifting from ego to self-awareness. Things like avatars, gaming, role playing and the theater are becoming ways to connect with emotions, causing personal transformations.
A wellness journey and feeling good is possible at any age

Multi-Billion Dollar Market by 2025

Wellness tourism shows all the signs of undergoing a massive growth over the next few years, while the tourism industry in general is suffering losses. Travel involving spa therapies should grow by at least 18% by 2025. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO), the pandemic is the push behind wellness tourism. Prior to the pandemic, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) forecasted a 7.5% growth until 2022, with more than $919 billion in revenue by 2022. The GWI now expects this figure to surpass $1,000 billion by 2025.

The Chance to Heal

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot out of people of the past few years and its effects can be seen in the travel industry. More travelers are wanting to put their money into all-out splurges of wellness. Sixty-eight percent of world travelers said they are likely to base their next trip around improving their mental well-being, according to an American Express global survey conducted in September 2021 examining the overall physical and mental health activities consumers are prioritizing as a result of the pandemic. Travel ranks high on that list, with 76% willing to spend more on trips as part of their well being, and more than half willing to pay more for wellness activities on future vacations. An overwhelming majority of elite travelers agree that travel helps to improve their mental health.

Wellness travel leaves you feeling like the best version of yourself

Villa Wake Up, St. Barth

The stunning, contemporary Villa Wake Up is on the famed sands of Flamands Beach. Lauded for exceptional sea vistas and tranquility, this coveted residence commands some of St. Barth’s most dazzling stretches of coastline. This home is superbly private and intensely picturesque and comes with exclusive amenities. This St. Barth vacation rental is the pinnacle of cosmopolitan refinement and high fashion glamor in the heart of the Antilles. With six refined bedrooms for up to 12 guests, Villa Wake Up is tropical island beach front luxury perfected. Amenities include indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a heated outdoor pool, hammam, sauna, massage room, gym and cinema room. Expansive terraces and deck leave no sea vantage point unexplored and when you are looking to enhance your wellness on your travels, this opulent residence is the ideal vacation home.

The sumptuous living room of Villa Wake Up

Remote Work

The world is shrinking technologically and we can pretty much work from wherever we choose as long as there is a WiFi connection. Luxury travelers can keep abreast of their businesses, their investments, and their homes easily with the advances in technology. The pandemic showed people they can work remotely – another reason wellness travel has taken off. Millions of people learned to work from home, or from a remote destination. Experts are projecting this trend will continue and with the ability to work from anywhere, people are now traveling differently. The days of a week-long trip to here or there are being replaced by temporary working visas and extended stays.

These days, entrepreneurs can work from most anywhere if they have a WiFi connection

Types of Wellness Trips

Have a look at these wellness travel options to pinpoint what might be the right pairing for you:

Focus on Fitness

Travels like cycling trips through Europe, hiking treks through natural surroundings, scuba diving and rock climbing are popular options. Some travelers are opting for organized activities with guides, while many more are choosing to go it alone.

Rock climbing provides pure adventure and exhilaration

Focus on Spirituality

Spiritually-related wellness travel is the oldest form of this type of travel. The search for self has always been a part of the dynamic of jetting or sailing away to find wellness. Thailand, Nepal and Tibet have pulled elite travelers seeking Eastern philosophy, while Native Americans teach people how to connect with nature. Christians and Muslims visit their holy sights for spiritual connections. Pilgrimages are on the rise and one of the most popular is the long-distance walking trail, the Camino de Santiago which started as a pilgrimage for Catholics to visit the tomb of St. James in Spain. In recent years, it has become a spiritual journey for all kinds of travelers, a way of finding peace in nature, experiencing an ancient part of humanity, and finding community with like-minded adventurers.

Traversing the Camino de Santiago in search of spiritual awareness

Focus on Detox

The world is brimming with pesticides, heavy metals and other nasties that can gunk up our systems and we end up feeling unwell. There are many venues worldwide based on total system detoxes. For example, The Orion Healing Center in Thailand offers a detox program utilizing various holistic methods like fasting, refueling the body properly. Their programs also use yoga, and offer vegan cooking classes.

Eating to fuel the body at The Orion Healing Center in Kon Phangan, Thailand

Villa Stark, Turks and Caicos

Villa Stark is a striking contemporary oceanfront estate, presenting the epitome of Caribbean luxury living. Overlooking the prestigious sands of Grace Bay, this captivating private estate is lauded for its exceptional privacy spanning four acres of majestic coastline. The home comprises three distinct living quarters: the main villa, yoga pavilion, and beach house. This exquisite concept residence boasts a bold philosophy fully attuned to nature, wellbeing, and the island's easy-going spirit. Island breeziness and high culture sophistication merge in interiors worthy of the prestige of the world's finest contemporary art galleries. Ten bedrooms provide accommodations for up to 20 guests who will relish amenities like three pools, an ample al fresco en-air kitchen with a barbecue, and even an outdoor shisha lounge splayed before the electric blue horizon. Endless recreational opportunities abound in this tropical oasis – between an exercise area, a games room with a ping-pong table, along with an amazing sound system and wine fridge for entertaining.

Villa Stark is the pinnacle of contemporary luxury brimming with untold, amazing amenities

Private Beaches

Private beach getaways like those found in the Maldives, Hawaii, Florida and other parts of the world, feature some renowned luxury wellness retreats. Some of these can even be found on private islands where you will find isolated stretches of white sand, sky blue water and personally-customized itineraries to get you as fit as a fiddle.

Wellness Vacation Tips

Before deciding on a wellness vacation, it’s important to assess your needs. What is it you would like to accomplish? Look at your personal circumstances, your stress level, your physical wellbeing, your mental focus. All these things can dictate what kind of trip you need. Trust your intuition. If sitting on a quiet beach in meditation seems to be calling your name, go for it. If you have energy to burn off, maybe a hiking trip is on the roster. Here are some thing you might consider doing prior to your vacation:

  • Define what wellness means to you
  • Establish your vacation objectives
  • Eat nutritiously before your getaway
  • Plan activities well in advance

Whatever reasons you have for desiring a wellness getaway, we can take the stress out of all the planning. You can rely on us to give you full service luxury accommodations as well as amazing experiences tailored to your unique desires and if that means reconnecting and relaxing, or hiking and climbing, we’ve got you covered. We invite you to reach out to one of our client relations team members who will begin planning your wonderful wellness vacation from which you will return to your day-to-day life feeling like your vibrant self!

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