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The Top Nightlife Destinations in Ibiza

August 10, 2018

Ibiza is home to some of the top nightlife attractions in the world, which means that if you’re on the island, it’s absolutely necessary that you have some fun! You’ll quickly discover that the variety of clubs and lounges are endless, making it easy to choose a spot that tailors to your tastes. We’ve compiled the top four nightlife destinations to make the decision easier for you:


Here you’ll find global DJs spinning records until the sun rises, without a dull moment in sight. You’ll experience it all - strobe lights, neon signs, and an incredible show comprised of lively dance music, dancing, and props.


This internationally renowned club has been awarded “Best Global Club” numerous times, which should be enough to add it to your nightlife itinerary! It doesn’t end there though -- this location boasts an incredible atmosphere, with a capacity for thousands of guests and consistently impressive music shows.

Lío Ibiza

This location is a combination of a restaurant, club and cabaret - so come ready to dine, dance, and enjoy a live show! Lío is a true entertainment destination, with a constant flow of events happening throughout the week, hosted by big names!

Ocean Beach

This seaside location takes pool parties to the next level! Offering an exciting experience both at night and during the day with an ambiance of palm trees and rhythmic live music, you can truly have your Ibiza moment here.

Haylee Tuason

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