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To Ski or Not to Ski? There is No Question!

February 02, 2022

Book a Fantastic Last-Minute Ski Trip to Celebrate the Olympics!

The 2022 Winter Olympics will soon be in full swing and you can celebrate right along with the winning athletes by going on a luxury ski vacation. Last minute luxury ski getaways are often the most exciting and going skiing combined with staying in an elite, elegant home is a terrific way of cheering on your favorite medal contenders.

The Beijing Winter Olympics are expected to draw about 2,900 athletes from about 90 national Olympic committees. As with the Tokyo Olympics, there will be no fans from abroad and only a few “selected” locals. So even if you wanted to attend the games as a spectator, you couldn’t.

But what you can do is spend the time you would have spent at the Olympics at a remarkable ski destination such as Courchevel or Megeve in France; Whistler, British Columbia, Canada; Aspen, Colorado; or Lake Tahoe, California. All these destinations have tremendous shopping, world-class fine dining, classy or sassy après ski venues and things to do besides skiing.

If Aspen piques your interest, Villa Erika is one of the loveliest Aspen luxury villas with five bedrooms and room for 12. It’s set amid glorious pine trees that smell like Christmas all year long. You will especially enjoy the Jacuzzi and sauna after a fun, but intense day on the mountain.

The Most Adrenaline-Inducing Sports

If you’re tuning into the Olympics to get a dose of excitement, there are a number of sports you should watch while you’re not flying down the slopes yourself. You might want to pay special attention to:

· Bobsled for its speed, power and precision over grooves and around curves. Who to watch: Francesco Friedrich from Germany.

· Alpine combined skiing with brutal vertical descents at more than 80 mph. Watch skiers swerving in and out of gates in the slalom and the sheer speed of it all. Who to watch: Mikaela Shiffrin from Colorado.

· Snowboard slopestyle is an almost unbelievable sport. Athletes are flipping backwards in the air up to four times, twisting, turning making it all look effortless. Who to watch: Red Gerard from Ohio.

· Short track speed skating with its sharp turns on ice the size of a hockey rink can have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Who to watch: Dutch skater Suzanne Schulting.

Skeleton is one of the most dangerous sports in the Winter Olympics. [Source: sportsmatik,com]

· Skeleton has got to be one of the most dangerous of all the sports. Athletes are flying on a high-banked icy luge track face down going almost 90 mph on a tiny piece of sledding. Just watching gets your heart racing. Who to watch: Martins “the Iceman” Dukurs from Latvia.

· Nordic combined is like the biathlon except for the word, combined. First, athletes have to ski jump flying at 60 mph through the air like a bullet and trying to land feet first. They then have to cross country ski 10 kilometers on a hilly course. Who to watch: Norway’s Jarl Magnus Riiber.

· Biathlon is a difficult sport combining two different skills – cross country skiing and the shooting part mostly taking place with athletes lying on their stomachs. Who to watch: Norway’s Sturla Holm Lægreid.

· Snowboard cross begins as a laned downhill race turning into sprints and jumps and navigating, nail-biting hairpin turns. Who to watch: Great Britain’s Charlotte Bankes.

For those who don’t downhill ski, there are many cross country ski trails in Megeve, France. This twilight trek looks magical. [Source:]

The majesty of Chalet Arianna in Courchevel is astounding. The ethereal mountain view is enough to entice you to stay in this stellar home, but having a ski walk to the lift is an added bonus. Add to the list a beckoning indoor pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi, ski room, private elevator, gym and a spa lounge – to name a few of the amazing amenities. The chalet can accommodate 16 guests. You can celebrate and watch the Olympics in style in the cinema room with a state-of-the-art sound system.

Wherever you choose to go for a last-minute ski vacation, LVH will provide you with outstanding full service, luxurious accommodations and a bespoke itinerary fashioned with your desires in mind. You still have time to reach out to one of our client relations team members to get you all set for your fantastic Olympic ski celebration in your destination of choice.

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