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Water Sports in Turks and Caicos

May 30, 2018

It doesn’t get more tropical than an island getaway to Turks and Caicos. Beaches, bays and beautiful views every which way you turn. Take advantage of this paradise and explore the many water sports activities Turks and Caicos has to offer.


Probably the most popular water sport on the island, Turks and Caicos is definitely not short of snorkeling activities. There are a couple snorkeling tours you can take from Providenciales. Hop on a cruise and get ready to relax and explore. You can go on a half-day cruise, which includes drinks and lunch. Equipment is included, so you will ready to snorkel and island hop!.

There are also tours you can take from Grand Turk Beach. This is also a half-day trip with four different snorkel spots. You will even have the opportunity to dive for live conch! The great thing about this tour is that you will be able to experience a bunch of different underwater terrain and get the ULTIMATE snorkeling experience.


Get a chance to explore the mangrove estuaries the best way possible -- on a paddleboard. Standing on a paddleboard allows you to squeeze into the tiny mangrove channels and shallow water, where you will be able to witness the amazing diversity of Providenciales’ coastal ecosystems. There are sea turtles, tropical fish and shorebirds -- OH MY!


Ever wonder what Turks and Caicos look like at a birds-eye-view? Now you don’t have to because you can see for yourself on a parasailing adventure! Get a chance to believe you can fly with up to two of your friends over Grace Bay Beach. It’s 10 minutes of soaring 1200 ft. high! The views of the tropical island and the clear blue waters are going to be like nothing you’ve seen before. Don’t miss the chance to do like the birds do.


What is kiteboarding? You may ask. It’s the chance to glide over the azure waters of Turks and Caicos on a board, with only a kite giving you the power to go! This may seem a little scary, but that is why kiteboarding lessons is an activity on the island. Let a certified instructor teach you the ways of the waves. Before you know it, you might even be a kiteboarding expert! You’ll never know until you try. ;)

Turks and Caicos is a breathtaking island with even more breathtaking waters. It would almost be a crime not to do the most when it comes to water activities. If you are planning a trip to this tropical island, be sure to sign up for some of these adventurous recreations.

Haylee Tuason
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