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Why You Should Stay at a Private Island for Your Next Holiday

June 22, 2023

Can you imagine being shipwrecked on a desert island? Only on this island, you won’t have to build a hut to protect yourself from the elements or forage and fish for food. On these islands, you will find the most elegant and exclusive homes in the world where you will be pampered and treated like royalty.

The demand for private island vacations is on the rise among elite travelers and there are a number of reasons for that. Read on to find out why you might consider this type of holiday for your next sojourn.

Privacy is the Ultimate Luxury

Your own private island getaway takes you far from the maddening crowds. There’s no having to deal with anyone or anything. More than having a dynamite time on holiday, you want to feel safe and comfortable and be somewhere where you can reconnect with family and friends and a private island provides all that and more.

For optimum privacy, high consideration should be given to a place like Tagomago Island in the Mediterranean Sea. This Spanish enclave is only about a half hour away by boat from Ibiza and its excitement, so you have the option of heading to this jet-set hotspot if you’re so inclined. This beautiful slice of heaven offers complete abandon on its 600,000 square meters. The gorgeous five-bedroom home can accommodate up to 10 guests who will enjoy all the water toys, outdoor pool, hot tub and more – not to mention the astonishing views everywhere you look. Imagine having a bonfire on a clear, starry night while sitting enjoying your favorite cocktail and marveling at a galaxy filled with stardust. There is nothing better for your soul than reconnecting with nature and the universe on a private island!

The beginning of a beautiful evening on Tagomago Island

Untold Water Activities

Being surrounded by warm, sparkling water is every water sports lover’s dream, so a private island is an aqueous utopia! For instance, Velaa Private Island, part of the
Maldives in the Indian Ocean, has a number of hi-tech toys for you to have untold moments of water love. You can engage in:

  • Flyboarding;
  • Electric foil surfing;
  • Paddleboarding;
  • Kayaking;
  • Snorkeling;
  • Scuba diving;
  • Deep sea fishing and more.
Veela Private Island

This island provides some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Maldives. Nearby Noonu atoll is home to numerous exotic dive sites featuring shark cleaning stations, dramatic swim-throughs and elusive Eagle Rays. When you’re not enjoying your time on the water, the gorgeous accommodations on Velaa Private Island can become the holiday home for up to 80 people.

Deep sea fishing off Velaa Private Island [Source:]

Reconnect with Nature

A private island gives you the chance to relax and recharge your batteries. You’re surrounded by the beauty of a natural landscape and unspoiled waters. When you allow yourself this kind of respite you are allowing your body, mind and soul to spend precious time to feel at one with the natural world and that is so extremely important when you’re usually inundated with the hustle and bustle of modern, everyday life. You will complete your private island stay feeling fresh, rested and ready to take on new challenges!

Recharge and reconnect with nature and yourself on a private island holiday [Source:]

Luxury in a Unique Setting

Those who choose to stay on private islands say there is nothing like it for luxury and pampering. LVH private islands come with full services and 24/7 support. While this is true for all our vacations, a private island stay is one of the most unique experiences there is and you get the best of both worlds. These islands are close to major areas where you can also experience some of the best fine dining restaurants, exciting nightlife and elite shopping. You’re having your cake and eating it, too!

Lose the Clock

There is no need to watch the clock on a private island. Everything is done to the rhythm of your own desires. You can awaken when you want, eat when you want and do anything you choose, when you choose. There are no deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, no set hours for anything. You are the master of this domain and that means you say what, when, where and how. That is the ultimate in deciding what to do with your precious moments.

No need for a clock on a private island vacation

A private island stay for your next vacation is the ultimate in pampering. These dazzling islands are waiting for you to create lasting memories for yourself, your family and friends. We invite you to reach out to an LVH client relations team member who will begin planning the ultimate private island vacation for you. The LVH team will also fashion an exclusive itinerary with your name on it to make sure your precious time is always rife with things to do you will absolutely adore!

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