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6 Hidden, Chic ‘Speakeasy’ Bars of Paris

June 07, 2022

Uncovering hidden gems is part of the allure of many destinations. Many times, these are places some locals know exist, but visitors rarely find. When you’re looking for exclusivity, luxury and maybe a little intrigue, Paris has a number of bars – akin to the speakeasies of 1940s America – that provide a chic ambiance and a touch of mystery where you can let loose, release your inhibitions and enjoy yourself. They take a little bit of unearthing to get to, but that’s part of their intentional design.

Let us take you on a little tour of six of the most stylish, classy, hidden speakeasies of Paris!


This bar is hidden so well, you couldn’t find it unless you knew what you were looking for. Not only do you get to it from the inside of a laundromat, the door looks like one of the washers. Lavomatic, at 30 rue René Boulanger in the 10th arrondissement, has throngs of people passing by who have no clue there is a bar on the premises. When you press “start” on the machine on the farthest right, the door opens leading you to a hideaway filled with color, amusement and divine cocktails. You can also order coffee and food from a seasoned chef. They also offer cocktail classes. We suggest trying The Truth if I Mango! cocktail.

You would never know Lavomatic was a bar; it hides itself very well. The end “washer” is really a door leading you to the upstairs bar. [Source: lavomatic.paris]

No Entry.

You’ll find No Entry. hidden behind the Italian restaurant, Pink Mamma, on 20 bis Rue de Douai in the Pigalle district. The restaurant itself is lovely with a courtyard setting. You would never guess it has a secret. However, the storeroom has about 3,000 liters of alcohol infused in flowery demijohns and an opulent interior that beckons a romantic evening for two. The bartending team prepares, mixes and shakes sexy creations in a suave ambiance. Sneak a peek, look for the door of the No Entry. where things are kept cold behind a door where things could really heat up. Or, when arriving at Pink Mamma, tell the hostess you want No Entry. and she will discreetly tell you the directions. We recommend the Pina Colada with pistachio.

The luscious interior of No Entry.

Bar L’Epicier

Your driver will drop you off in front of a “convenience store” when you ask to go to Bar L’Epicier at 24 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth. In the windows you’ll see canned goods, snacks and other convenience store offerings. But once you’re inside and you push on the secret wall, you will find one of the most popular speakeasies in Paris. Relax in a hanging basket chair, set your cocktail on one of the cool stop sign tables and revel in the Middle Eastern ambiance that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. On the ceiling, colored lanterns, a carpet on the floor. To sit, you have the choice of stools at the counter, on swings for more originality or even on small stools in front of a few bench seats with throw pillows. Try the “Tété du Bled” served the Moroccan way with a teapot and a small glass. Behind this potion is a delicious mix of Oleo saccharum, lime, fresh Moroccan mint, Cuban rum, homemade mint tea soda and Absinthe Pernod spray. It’s a cocktail you can order for one or several.

You would never know there is a bar in the back of this small store front. Walk in and push on the hidden wall of wares and voila! You're in Bar L'Epicier! [Source: ericgamble.com]

Secluded Luxury

Townhouse La Maison is among the very best of Paris luxury accommodations. Located on the private Ile Saint Germain in the middle of the Seine, comes with a boat with a skipper for romantic river cruises. Up to eight guests can enjoy all this exclusive residence has to offer: an outdoor pool, bar, fireplace and a vast reception area opening up to a large teak terrace and more. If you play the piano, you can tickle the ivories on a baby grand. This contemporary chic home beckons unforgettable moments with friends and family.

The modern elegance of Townhouse La Maison.

The Little Red Door

At 60 rue Charlot, the bright red door will instantly capture your attention. Boom! There it is amid the gray concrete and neutral colors. Go through that door and you will find one of the coziest, finest bars in Paris. The Little Red Door consistently has been rated among the world’s best bars for years. This Parisian speakeasy has a wonderful ambiance, delicious cocktails and is a peaceful respite from the busy-ness of the city. Everyone should visit at least once. The international bar team embraces the creative scene of the Marais district through conceptual yet accessible menus inspired by art, flavor perception, anthropology and social science. A must-try is the exquisite Lavender cocktail: In-house made lavender soda spruced up with single cask, Calvados, Baldoria dry and vermouth.

The Little Red Door has made the world’s Top 50 Bars list for years.

Serpent A Plume

For a true 70s vibe, head over to Serpent A Plume. Many A-list celebrities search out Serpent A Plume when they’re in town, especially after Fashion Week. Everything about this place is sumptuous. It’s wide, open and even has a mini hot tub. It’s not surprising it’s one of the most exclusive speakeasies in the City of Light. The façade looks like a clothing store at number 24 on the famous Place des Vosges. The owners of the bar say, “Here, nothing is real, and everything is permitted.” Serpent A Plume aims to create an experience stimulating all senses. “Cats, thieves and illicit lovers lose themselves to the music and food as they leave reality behind.” You will discover a chrome-brushed restaurant and velour cocktail bar accompanying Mesoamerican statues, contrasting epochs, voyages, and voids. Our cocktail choice? Uniform: Tanqueray gin, S.P vermouth de champagne, Bénédictine and gelée d’absinthe. And their espresso martini is so dirty, it extends far beyond an “R” rating.

The very exclusive and hedonistic Serpent A Plume.


This bar serves 83 different kinds of whiskey. The cocktails are delicious, but brazen and will have you enjoying yourself in no time. Moonshiner is hidden behind Da Vito pizzeria at 5 rue Sedaine in the 11th arrondissement. In fact, it’s behind a door in the restaurant that looks like a walk-in freezer. You will feel like you’ve stepped into a pre-Prohibition speakeasy a la New York City once inside. Seats are leather and lighting is distinctly film noir. Moonshiner chooses to delight your taste buds by offering drinks based on whiskey like Kentucky's best Manhattan (with Eagle Rare bourbon and Maraschino cherry), or based on vodka or gin such as the Safran Julep or the Salsa Verde, the Aperol Spritz or the Smokey Island. We suggest giving Dirty Louis a try. Made with Rémy Martin cognac, Pineau des Charentes rosé Domaine du chêne, leek pickles, green Chartreuse and bitter Aphrodite.

The masculine style of Moonshiner. [Source: cntraveler.com]

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