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A Guide To Local Jamaican Cuisine

December 07, 2018

If you’re like us than you enjoy trying out all the local foods at the places you travel. It really is the only way to get an authentic experience anywhere. And when the local foods aren’t your cup of tea, it can really put a downer on your vacation. If you’re looking for somewhere to travel that will surely have local food that won’t let you down, it might be time to visit Jamaica! We even made it easy for you and compiled the local foods you MUST try when you arrive:


Jerk Chicken

Now, this is one of the most traditional foods in Jamaica. We wouldn’t even be surprised if you have tried it before. But it doesn’t get more authentic than eating jerk chicken in Jamaica! Whether you get it from a roadside shack or a fancy restaurant, you can’t leave the island without having a dish of this delicious chicken rubbed down and marinated with an array of hot spices before being smoked to perfection.


Run Down

The name of this comes from the fact that the fish in run down is cooked in coconut milk until it breaks apart or run down. The dish also contains vegetables such as yam, tomatoes, and onions. This creamy dish will not have that spicy kick as the rest of the dishes, but it won’t disappoint.



If you enjoy a good dish of cooked spinach, this traditional vegetable meal will be right up your alley. Although the dish doesn’t actually contain spinach, it does include a bunch of other leafy vegetables like amaranth and taro.


Ackee and Saltfish

This is a traditional one-pot dish that can be seen served for breakfast or dinner. As you may have guessed, it contains salt fish and ackee. For those of you who don’t know what ackee is, it is a fruit native to Jamaica that is a treat for locals and tourists alike! Along with those two main ingredients are tomatoes, onions and the usual spices to give that added kick.


Curry Goat

If you haven’t had goat before, now is the time. This curried goat dish is usually so tender it will fall right off the bone. The curry adds a little kick that you will find yourself getting familiar with during your days on the island. Just be careful you don’t accidentally eat any bones, it is common for curry goat to be served chopped into small pieces, bones and all!

Haylee Tuason

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