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Have You Tried the World’s Best Caviar?

November 24, 2022

Caviar connoisseurs and VIPs usually seek out the finest caviar – the rarest and most expensive. Not only is elite caviar a thrill for the palate, it also comes with a host of positives. It can actually make you feel good. Studies have shown high doses of omega-3 fatty acids – caviar is rich in omega-3s – may alleviate symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder. And caviar also allegedly acts as an aphrodisiac, much like oysters.

So, we have amassed a list here of the finest caviar the world has to offer.

Here are the top 10 most expensive types of caviar:

1. Strottarga Bianco – $113,630 per kilogram

2. Almas – $34,500 per kilogram

3. Petrossian Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid – $16,000 per kilogram

4. Petrossian Special Reserve Ossetra – $12,900 per kilogram

5. Petrossian Ossetra President – $7,900 per kilogram

6. Caviar House Finest Caviar Beluga – $7,894 per kilogram

7. Prunier Héritage – $7,164 per kilogram

8. Caviar Express Beluga Hybrid – $6,000 per kilogram

9. World Port Seafood American Sturgeon Caviar – $5,291 per kilogram

10. Volga Reserve Ossetra – $5,000 per kilogram

Starting from number 10 on the list, let’s have a little look at each one of these and what makes them so special.

Volga Reserve Ossetra

With a price tag of about $5,000 per kilo, Volga Reserve Ossetra merits a place on the top 10 list. Unlike other types of caviar, the green pearls of this roe almost look like emeralds. You will find the taste a little more salty than the rest of its counterparts since it’s prepared in a traditional Russian style. In fact, the Volga River is the home of the fish used to produce this roe. However, fish are raised on farms and allowed to reproduce in human-made environments, making this caviar one of the most sustainable. When there was a years-long ban on beluga caviar, this caviar became an expensive commodity since wealthy consumers looking for substitutes found Volga Reserve Ossetra fit the bill. Though bans have since been lifted on beluga, the waiting list for Volga Reserve Ossetra is still quite long. You might have to wait months to get your hands on a container.

Volga Reserve Ossetra caviar

World Port Seafood American Sturgeon

This caviar is priced at $5,291 per kilo and is packaged in a glass container ensuring it never has a metallic taste. The roe is harvested from American sturgeon raised on fish farms, so it’s an eco-friendly alternative to other gourmet caviar. The steep price tag for these jet-black pearls are largely due to that sustainability. Many caviar connoisseurs are switching to sustainable options, driving up demand. But as demand increases, so does the price.

World Port Seafood American Sturgeon caviar

Caviar Express Beluga Hybrid

This unique type of caviar became incredibly popular in the United States during the country’s ban on beluga caviar. It’s very similar to beluga caviar, but it’s produced using sustainable, hybrid fish. If you’re eager to try rich and nutty caviar without contributing to problematic fishing practices in the Caspian Sea, you may find this caviar’s $6,000 per kilo price well worth it. For years, US caviar lovers couldn’t order beluga caviar, so the demand for hybrid beluga options skyrocketed. Many still enjoy hybrid varieties like this, resulting in higher prices.

Caviar Express Beluga Hybrid

Prunier Héritage

Packaged in an unmistakable bright blue tin, Prunier Héritage caviar costs about $7,164 per kilo. You get a vacuum-sealed tin of premium-quality caviar for that price. This roe is often described as light, with a subtle flavor that pairs well with white wine.This caviar is vacuum-sealed to maintain its freshness, giving it a higher-than-average shelf life. This quality makes it a natural choice for refrigerated pantries. Also, its branding (Prunier is a reputable caviar supplier) and quality also contribute to its price.

Prunier Héritage caviar

Caviar House Finest Caviar Beluga

Caviar House is one of the premier gourmet caviar suppliers in the United Kingdom, and their costliest caviar is the Caviar House Finest Caviar Beluga. This decadent roe costs $7,894 per kilo. Dark gray beluga sturgeon pearls have a distinctly salty flavor. This caviar pairs exquisitely with sweet or savory ingredients, including buttery cheeses or sweet slices of apple. The most sought-after caviar on earth is often beluga sturgeon caviar. Since it’s comparatively rare, especially when considering the availability of bright red salmon caviar (often paired with sushi). Scarcity makes high-quality beluga caviar a desirable commodity, especially among the world’s wealthiest caviar connoisseurs.

Caviar House Finest Caviar Beluga

Petrossian Ossetra President

Russian and Iranian caviar often tops lists regarding price, but you must remember French cuisine also incorporates high-quality caviar. So, it should be no surprise one of the most established French caviar brands earns several spots on this ranking. Ossetra President caviar – a green-brown roe harvested from Ossetra sturgeon – has a pleasant fruity flavor enriched by its firm texture. If you want to try some, you will have to spend about $7,900 per kilo or $249 for a 30-gram single-serving container. Petrossian is one of the most reputable and luxurious French caviar brands, so there’s high demand for this brand’s products. Not only does this company focus on aging its caviar to peak flavor, but it only uses the most sustainable roe ensuring consumers enjoy only the best (and most eco-friendly) caviar. Petrossian offers overnight shipping to ensure customers receive the freshest possible products.

Petrossian Ossetra President caviar

Petrossian Special Reserve Ossetra

This type of caviar exudes several qualities making it truly elite. It has an almost golden hue, with touches of green-yellow – one of the most desired colors, since it’s far more rare than brown or red caviar. It trades saltiness for a more buttery, almost nut-like flavor marrying well with charcuteries, particularly those containing fresh fruits. You can expect to spend $12,900 per kilo for this exquisite caviar. This roe is harvested from sustainable fish farms specially selected from Europe’s most reputable fish farms and caviar suppliers. This caviar has the taste and quality associated with the most delicate wild-caught fish. Due to its superior quality and distinct flavor, it’s a favorite among caviar lovers worldwide. But, as you might expect, this high demand translates to high prices. Yet, Special Reserve Ossetra isn’t the most expensive option from the Petrossian brand.

Petrossian Special Reserve Ossetra caviar

Petrossian Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid

The most expensive caviar from Petrossian is the Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid purported to have the taste of beluga caviar, making it an ideal alternative. This firm, greenish-brown caviar costs $16,000 per kilo. The Kaluga fish is a type of beluga that lives in rivers. Its roe tastes similar to beluga sturgeon roe, making it an in-demand alternative to hard-to-find Caspian Sea caviar. The high demand and perceived quality influences the price, making it one of the most expensive roes in the world.

Petrossian Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid caviar


This black caviar often fetches as much as $34,500 per kilo. This sturgeon caviar is a regal gold color with a buttery flavor. The texture is uniquely creamy, differentiating it from firmer varieties. The rich yellow color of Almas caviar is relatively rare, making it more valuable. Fish are harvested from the Caspian Sea, bordered by Russia, Iran, and Kazakhstan. According to Guinness World Records, this rare caviar is harvested from albino sturgeon – some of which are 100 years old. As such, the source of this caviar is exceptionally limited. The caviar’s flavor and color are extremely attractive to caviar connoisseurs, ensuring demand for Almas always outweighs the supply.

Almas caviar

Strottarga Bianco

And here we have the most expensive and luxurious caviar of all time. Strottarga Bianco caviar was initially released in 2015, at about $113,630 per kilo. In addition to being one of the few types of caviar harvested from rare Siberian albino sturgeon, this caviar is imbued with 22-carat gold leaf giving it a slightly metallic appearance and increasing its value. The texture of this caviar is very different from most. While most caviar is kept moist in sealed cans, this type is dehydrated and ground into a fine powder. If you’d like to purchase a container, you’ll need to request a can directly from its maker – Austrian fish farmer, Walter Grüll. Most caviar is priced by weight and most of the weight comes from water. That’s not so with this caviar. Strottarga Bianco is made from dehydrated roe ground into a fine powder, so it contains more roe than similarly-sized containers of caviar.

Strottarga Bianco caviar

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