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5 Top Tapas Spots in Spain

January 14, 2022

Tapas has become a popular form of sharing food with family and friends. “Tapa” means lid or cover in Spanish. Tapas in Spanish cuisine has evolved from a very basic way of eating local vegetables, meats, and cheeses to include intricate gastronomic creations from Spain’s top chefs, with various regions in Spain developing their own specialties.

Here are five well-known places for tapas in Spain we recommend for an exciting and unique tapas tour:

1. Kaixo, Ibiza

The fare at Kaixo is influenced by the region and is a very classy, authentic tapas restaurant with a great menu. The place is nice and roomy and you can choose to eat inside or out at regular tables or taller ones with stools. The food is a blast of colors, flavors and textures with a phenomenal presentation. The deep-fried prawns are hugged by a very tender phyllo-like pastry. Also highly recommended are the broken eggs with Iberian ham and the chicory with soft cheese, apple, celery and walnut. Kaixo is open year-round. Ibiza is one of the most loved vacation destinations in Spain. Its gorgeous beaches and luxe shopping entice many elite travelers. Your stay in Ibiza can be the epitome of true luxury when you choose Villa Hestia as your home base. Awaken each morning with a glorious view of the open sea. This home has two swimming pools, one of which is heated and which comes with a hot tub.

Authentic Spanish tapas spread

2. Llamber, Barcelona

Llamber is a beautiful restaurant with great food. They suggest all food should be shared, since that is the point of tapas. The owners and staff are young and enthusiastic and the menu features items with little twists. The restaurant is in Barcelona, noted for its outstanding football team, stunning architecture, lively nightlife, sandy beaches and of course, world-class cuisine. Llamber has a terrace if you prefer the outside. The salmon carpaccio with citrus fruits, dill yogurt and ginger ice cream is a showstopper. Other choices include tuna tataki with almond cream and black garlic; foie mi-cuit miniburger with pineapple "fries"; braised octopus with smoked cheese; and passion for chocolate for dessert. If you plan on staying in Barcelona, Villa Tamara is one of the most lovely homes you will find. Enter the impressive entranceway to be greeted by a majestic marble staircase taking you to the upper floors. You will feel like royalty staying in this exclusive home.

Black pudding with baby squid and the roasted juice of its ink [Source: Llamber Taberna Gastronómica Barcelona Facebook Page]

3. Garnacha, Marbella

Garnacha is an excellent little hideaway with brilliant, well-presented food. This modern restaurant has lovely touches of character throughout. It’s located in Marbella – one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations in Europe and arguably the star of the Spanish coastline. It’s a place of true opulence, attracting the elite from all over. At Garnacha, the tapas choices are fresh and delicious. Included on the menu are roasted eggplant in miso sauce and honey, watercress and sesame; cod, mushroom or Iberian ham croquettes; a Malaga cheese board consisting of brick cheese, blue cheese, semi-cured payoya and ash accompanied with quince, bitter orange jam and nuts. For dessert a must-try is the cheesecake with cherry soup and berries ice cream. If staying in a palatial beachfront home with amazing sea views is what you had in mind during your visit to Marbella, we recommend Villa Denise with its incredibly scenic location and top flight amenities. The outside area features an Alhambra-inspired veranda, Moorish-style courtyard garden, a Zen garden and direct access to a private area of the beach.

This is where the tapas choices are fresh and delicious.

4. Forn de Sant Joan, Mallorca

Besides being able to shop in some of the most upscale boutiques, luxury travelers who like a little adventure in their trips can find it in Mallorca. When mentioning Mallorcan restaurants, Forn de Sant Joan is one of the most popular. The chefs take traditional tapas and add an exciting spin – sardines with black pudding; oysters with passion fruit caipirinha; dried squid with Japanese mayo. The atmosphere is friendly and the service, excellent. You will be enjoying your food in a stylish setting in a blend of Mallorcan architectural features and dazzling modern art. Tapas to share includes treats like creamy cod croquette and horseradish sauce; tuna tartare; mini beef burger, smoked cheese caramelized onion and shiso leaf; roasted chicken and curry cannelloni, lemon-thyme béchamel sauce and mushroom carpaccio. Mallorca is a beautiful spot in sunny Spain to stay for a while, especially when staying at Villa Cassandra. Here, you will have astounding views of the sea and the mountains. The home has both indoor and outdoor pools. A sauna and spa area are also included among the many modern amenities.

Their version of patatas bravas has it all - color and flavor.⁠

5. Taps Can Avelina, Menorca

Menorca is known mainly for its unspoiled beaches and relaxed vibe, but it also has an exclusive gastronomy scene and within that realm, Taps Can Avelina is one of the best tapas bars. The food is marvelous with generous portions and an excellent wine list for stellar wine and food pairings. Stand-out menu items include sweet potato with green pesto and goat cheese salad with strawberries and walnuts; steak fillet with shavings of foie gras, caramelized onions and Pedro Ximenes sherry reduction; pork belly with Mahon cheese and sundried tomatoes. You have the choice of dining inside or in a very pleasant courtyard. Villa Soleil is the ideal home in which to experience the popular tapas cuisine of Menorca. This private estate is on 250 acres with an amazing water view. Enjoy days filled with sunshine, sipping cocktails around your 82-foot-long outdoor infinity pool and nights on the balcony gazing at the stars.

Bacalao sobre verduras

When you have a special desire you’d like fulfilled on your holiday – like experiencing the best tapas bars in Spain – let us know and we will put together a wonderful itinerary for you. At LVH, we believe in granting our guests’ desires, big or small. That means finding you ideal, exclusive accommodations and granting wishes for the best experiences possible.

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